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What is the Eon Ticket Master Code in Pokemon FireRed Version?

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When do you use the eon ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant eon ticket has absolutely no use in pokemon firered.

Where do you find Deoxys in firered?

Deoxys is a legendary Pokemon which has various different forms. To find one in FireRed version, you need to have an Aurora Ticket.

Where do you get cut in Pokemon FireRed version?

You have to board the SS Anne, after you get the ticket from Bill. Then, find the captain & he will give it to you.

What is a mystery gift in Pokemon FireRed?

A mystery gift you can obtain in firered is an aurora ticket and a mystic ticket.

Can you get a special ticket on Pokemon FireRed?

Yes how

Where is ho-ho on Pokemon FireRed?

Ho-oh is located on Navel Rock in Pokemon Fire Red Version. If you want to get there, you need a mystic ticket.

If you have 150 Pokemon you can get mystic ticket in firered?


How do you get the SS ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

bill gives it to you

What is the event on Pokemon FireRed to get the aurora ticket?

There is none

Where is the SS ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

bill will give it to you

Navel rock on Pokemon FireRed?

You need the mystic ticket to get to navel rock on firered.

How do you get Mew on Pokemon FireRed without a ticket?

It is only possible to get Mew on Pokemon Firered (without a ticket) by trading it from another version. there is a diffr whay i dont no tho no acataully the first one is right. now jst maybe but i highly dought it. there is no mew. inless it is a reqaward for the one from emerald.Mew is not obtainable in FireRed.

Which ticket do you need to get Mew in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't catch it on Firered you can only catch it in Emerald

How do you get arora ticket in firered?

There is only one way to legitimately get an Aurora Ticket in Pokemon FireRed. You have to go to a Nintendo event in real life.

Where to get mystic ticket in pokemon firered?

Nintendo event or cheating

How do you get the feminized ticket in Pokemon firered?

There has never been such a thing.

Where is the ticket of navek rock in Pokemon FireRed?

you have to get it from a special event

Can you get luigia in Pokemon firered virsion?

yes, you get the mystic ticket or the aurora ticket, cant remember which.

How do you get the mystical ticket without an adapter on firered?

To get the Mystical Ticket, you need to go to a Pokemon event.

What does the mystery ticket do on Pokemon FireRed?

The mystery ticket gives you to go to island 8 and9

Where do you get the aura ticket in Pokemon firered version?

Go to any Pokemart and you will see a clip board on the counter. Go to it and put "Link Together With All". The shopkeeper will notice and give you access to the aurora ticket.

How do you get Lugia and Ho-oh in Pokemon Emerald and FireRed?

Lugia and Ho-Ohget pokemonXd use the master ball on lugia. AnswerYou can also use the Mystic Ticket. AnswerRrade ho-oh from Pokemon colloseum and lugia from Pokemon XD. or use the mystic ticket at a Nintendo event.

Where do you use the mystic ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

you use it on cinnabber island

Were is the doexes in Pokemon FireRed?

you need to get aurora ticket in nentendo event

How do you get Ho-oh and lugia in Pokemon firered?

You have to have the Mystic ticket