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actually, there are two. the first is normal xemnas like in regular kh2. the 2nd is terra, an enigmatic soldier that, strangly, can wield the keyblade too, only its more macho and MUCH bigger. beating him gives you limit form, in which you can pull off moves from kh1 like ragnaroc and ars arcana.

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How do you fight xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 1?

you can't fight Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 1. you can only fight him in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. He's a special boss at the end of the game...

How do you fight terra in Kingdom Hearts 2?

First off, you fight Lingering Will, Teraas armor, not actually Terra. Secondly, it is oly available as a secret boss in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix

Who is the main boss in Kingdom Hearts?

The Organization 13, precisely the last boss is Xemnas. If you have Final Mix, you can fight every member, as in the normal version, you can only fight a few.

What is the final battle in Kingdom Hearts?

The final boss that you play against is Ansem.

How can you finish Kingdom Hearts 1?

Beat the final boss.

How do you beat the boss in Wonderland in Kingdom Hearts?

Fight, Fight, Fight!! :D With magic, and the KeyBlade.

How do you fight roxas?

in kingdom hearts 2 if it have to be far, and you have to go to the heartless's PLACE then you get trapped by the heartless.Then you fight him. Just if you know the final boss is Xemnas.

Who is the first boss of Kingdom Hearts 4?

the first boss of kingdom hearts 4 is the baby but you can't fight him until you find the giant lolipop_kingdom hearts 4 game designer

Who is the final boss in Kingdom Hearts recoded?

i think its data roxas

Where is the optional boss at Disney castle on Kingdom Hearts 2?

Im afraid that that's only on Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix.

How do you change your sidekicks in Kingdom Hearts?

you go to party in the pause menu but you can not change your party during a boss fight. this goes for all the kingdom hearts.

How did Xehanort die in Kingdom Hearts?

Xehanort, aka Xemnas, dies in kingdom hearts 2 when the player, teamed up with riku, defeats him in the final boss of the game.

Can you play dual weilded in kingdomhearts?

No, you cannot. There is a point in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II, however, when you fight a boss with dual keyblades. You play as Roxas in The Mansion's basement, and you fight Axel, an Organization XIII member. You can also fight with dual keyblades when in Wisdom, Valor, Master, or Final Form as Sora (also in Kingdom Hearts II).

How do you defeat the boss in kingdom hearts 3582days?

What boss.

What do you do after beating hollow bastion in kingdom hearts 1?

continue on to the end of world to defeat the final boss

Can you fight all of the organization 13 in Kingdom Hearts 2?

No you cant, not even in theJapanese final mix version , an example of someone who is or13 but cannot be fought in kh2 is maruxla (uses a rose scythe main boss of kingdom hearts chain of memories (sora's story).

How do you unlock the secret characters from kingdom hearts 2 final mix?

Terra is unlocked as a secret boss after defeating the final boss fight, Xemnas, and saving your game since you're now able to save after the battle. Terra appears at Disney Castle's Hall of the Cornerstone.

Is there a secret boss in Kingdom of Hearts 2?

in KH2 final mix+ yes but in regular KH2 English the closest thing to a secret boss is Sephiroth.

How do you pass the Olympics on Kingdom Hearts?

You have to keep on beating the round until you get to the final round witch is usually a boss.

How do you get oathkeeper in Kingdom Hearts Re Coded?

you have to defeat the final boss (roxas)a second time and get a S in grading

How do you get to terra in Kingdom Hearts 2?

terra isn't in kingdom hearts 2. he is only in birth by sleep which hasn't even come out in English yet In Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ he is a secret boss I think, but that is only in Japan too.

Can you continue the 2nd Kingdom Hearts game after you beat the final boss?

----- Just like KH1. You will see the final cutscene, right? If you DO want to keep playing, play before the final boss. Hope this helped! ~Linky

How do you continue playing kingdom hearts 2after the end screen?

reload the game there is no post final boss play option

How do you get oblivion and oathkeeper on kingdom hearts 358 2 days?

You can only get them near the end of the game after defeating the final boss

What is the trickmaster in Kingdom Hearts?

The Trickmaster is a boss villain in the Kingdom Hearts games, found in the Wonderland. He is a Heartless.