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The "Final Solution" was to be the killing of all Jewish people.

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Q: What is the Final Solution of Holocaust?
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What year of the Holocaust was the Final Solution?

The Final Solution was the Holocaust.

What was the final solution during the holocaust?

The Final Solution in the Holocaust was the decision to kill the Jews.

What was Hitler's Final Solution for the Jews?

The holocaust.

What was unsuccessful in the holocaust?

the Final Solution was unsuccessful.

Does the final solution describe the same events as the holocaust?

Not exactly, the Holocaust is the term for what happened to the Jews. The Final Solution is the plan to exterminate the Jews, this was after many phases of the Holocaust.

Why did Hitler call the Holocaust the Final Solution?

because everybody will remember the holocaust

How does the final solution compare to the Holocaust?

the final solution is the extermination of jews and the holocaust was the extermination of jews. they were the same thing. the final solution was just a way of saying to killing of jews without really saying.

What did Adolf Hitler call the Holocaust?

The Final Solution

Which was an outcome of the Nazi government's Final Solution?

the Holocaust.

What was the final solution in the history of the holocaust?

Hitlers Final Solution was to committ genocide on all the Jews in Europe.

Who came up with the final solution in the holocaust?

Heydrich was the one ordered to come up with the Final Solution.

What was the Nazis final soultion?

Adolf Hitler called the Holocaust "The Final Solution"

The final solution refers to-?

It refers to the Holocaust. 'The Final Solution to the Jewish question', it was the plan to murder the Jews of Europe.

What did Hitler call the Holocaust?

I believe he called it "The Final Solution".

What was the holocaust also called?

The Nazi's named it the Final Solution.

What is the word people say instead of saying holocaust?

The Holocaust is sometimes referred to as the Final Solution or as the Shoah.

Who began calling the final solution the Holocaust?

After the popular TV miniseries "Holocaust" in 1978, people began referring to the final solution as the Holocaust. The movie stars a very young Meryl Streep, in one of her early film roles.

What was Hitler's name for the Holocaust?

One name Hitler had for it was "The Final Solution".

What was the holocaust called during World War 2?

The Final Solution

What was the name of the program to kill all Jews?

If the question refers to the Holocaust, the plan is called "The Final Solution".It was called The Final Solution.

What was the goal for the final solution holocaust?

The goal of the 'Final Solution' was to eliminate Europe's Jews. This is not quite the same as the Holocaust, which a wider term for the actions taken by Nazi Germany against Europe's Jews.

In 1942 Adolf Hitler began to carry out his final solution''the killing of Jewish people this became known as?

He called it the final solution or "the holocaust"

How was the holocast and Hitler's final solution related?

Hitler's final solution was his attempt to kill all the Jews in Europe and the Holocaust is what the genocide of the Jews during this time is called. ------------------------------------------ (in an attempt to clarify) The Final Solution is what it was called in its own time. The Holocaust is what we call it looking backwards to that time.

How did the holocaust become the final solution decided upon by Nazis?

The Holocaust happened between about 1941-1945. The Final Solution was the order to mass kill the Jews. The Final Solution resulting in the most deadly phase of the Holocaust. According to historians at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, "The Nazis frequently used euphemistic language to disguise the true nature of their crimes. They used the term "Final Solution" to refer to their plan to annihilate the Jewish people. The timing of the decision to turn what was the persecution and execution of Jews into the Final Solution cannot be determined with the information that we have today.

What was Hitler's extermination of the Jews called?

* Final Solution [of the Jewish question] * Holocaust