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What is the Fram filter equivalent of a John Deere oil filteram 125424?

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If the part number is AM125424, the FRAM equivalent is PH8170. Generally, the JD filter is cheaper. This one from JD Parts is $6.25. The FRAM filter equivalent is $12.95 from NAPA auto parts. Hope this helps.

Just tried STP filter S3512 and it worked great. I found the cross reference in a Auto Zone store. $3.99 for the filter. No one seems to have the Fram filter....probably not an automotive use in their system.

John 11/16/09

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What is cross reference john deere tractor oilfilter am 125424 to a fram oil filter number?

fram pH 8170

What is the fram oil filter equivalent to john deere am125424?


What is the cross reference from a John Deere oil filter AM125424 to a Fram filter?

AnswerThe Fram filter equivalent to the JD AM125424 is PH8170.

Where is oil filter on John Deere 317?

The 317 john deere does not have an oil filter.

What is the fram equivalent for a john deere oil filter m801101?

Try use a Wix instead it's a better filter.M801101 | John Deere | JDR | 33263

John Deere oil filter AM107423?

This is the oil filter that John Deere uses on all Kawasaki Motors that are used in John Deere equipment.

Need a cross reference to a John Deere oil filter at193383 to any other filter brand Thanks?

What is the John Deere Filter number? It is not at193383 as that is not a filter number.

What oil filter does a john deere 850 take?

It takes Filter # M801002. They can be found at your local John Deere dealer.

What is the Cross reference john deere oil filter M806848 to a fram oil filter number?

What is the cross reference for a John Deere oil filter AM125424 to a Fram oil filter

Cross reference John Deere oil filter gy20573 to a Fram oil filter number?

GY20573 is an air filter. Your looking for oil filter: John Deere Filter= GY20577 Wix #57035 NAPA 3148

What is the john deere oil filter number that would match a WIX oil filter number 51394?

The Deere TY26278 is the match for the WIX spin on oil filter number 51394.

What fram for deere x304 filter?


How do you change the fuel filter on a John Deere 14PZ lawnmower?

No fuel filter!

How do you change the Oil filter for a John Deere L100A?

There is no oil filter on that model.

What oil and filter do you use for a John Deere LT155?

John deere AM125424 Frame PH8170

Cross ref from john deere oil filter am125424 to a wix filter number?

According to the WIX website cross-reference, John Deere oil filter AM125424 = WIX oil filter 51056 or 51056MP.

Cross reference John Deere oil filter GY20577 to Briggs and Stratton filter number?

Cross reference John Deere oil filter GY20577 to Briggs and Straiten filter number?

What Oil filter for John Deere 750?

NAPA Gold oil filter # 1334

What filter for z225 John Deere oil change?

There isn't a oil filter on the z225

Cross ref from a John Deere air filter MIU11376 to a fram filter?

I tried to cross this air filter for my 425 John Deere on the Fram web sight and i tried to look it up by application and it appears Fram does not make this filter.

Cross reference john deere tractor oil filter?

Here's the can buy any number of cheap filters out there and yes they MIGHT work but buy the John Deere filter and be assured it it the BEST filter for your tractor.

John deere oil filter RE529643 cross reference?

RE529643 is the part number for a fuel filter, not an oil filter. This filter is made by stanadyne and is made specifically for John Deere. No other manufacturers use this exact filter according to Stanadyne's cross reference document (99642)

Cross ref john deere oil filter M811332 to a fram filter?

NAPA # 1064

Is there oil filter cross reference for a Briggs and stratton 795990 filter?

John Deere MIA11787

Cross reference from john deere oil filter AM107423 to a wix filter?

WIX 51394