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"Beautiful faces" is an English equivalent of the French phrase beaux visages.

Specifically, the masculine plural adjective beaux means "beautiful, handsome." The masculine noun visages means "faces." The pronunciation is "boh vee-zahzh."

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Q: What is the French phrase 'beaux visages' in English?
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How do you say beautiful faces in french?

Beau visage= Beautiful Face

What is the French translation of the English phrase 'fine arts'?

Beaux-arts is a French equivalent of the English phrase "fine arts".Specifically, the masculine adjective beaux means "beautiful, fine, nice". The masculine noun arts translates as "arts". The pronunciation will be "boh-zahr" in French.

What is the phrase 'Good dreams' in French?

beaux rêves

What is the French phrase for beautiful jewelry?

beaux bijoux

French phrase for beautiful hair?

de beaux cheveux

What is 'your beautiful jewelry' when translated from English to French?

"Your beautiful jewelry" in English is tes beaux bijouxin French.

What is the English phrase 'beautiful friends' in French?

"Beaux amis" in the masculine and "belles amies" in the feminine are French equivalents of the English phrase "beautiful friends."Specifically, the masculine plural adjective "beaux" and the feminine "belles" mean "beautiful, handsome." The masculine noun "amis" and the feminine "amies" mean "friends." The respective pronunciations are "boh-zah-mee" and "behl-zah-mee.".

What is 'Bonne nuit et fais de beaux rêves' when translated from French to English?

Bonne nuit et fais de beaux rêves in French means "Good night and sweet dreams" in English.

What is the phrase You are beautiful in French?

vous êtes belle (fem.), vous êtes beau (masc.) plural: belles / beaux

What is beaux in French?

beau (plural 'beaux') is the masculine adjective meaning beautiful in French. The feminine form is 'belle'

What is 'sweet dreams' when translated from English to French?

"Sweet dreams!" in English means Fais de beaux rêves!("Make beautiful dreams!") or Pas de cauchemars! ("No nightmares!") in French.

She has nice clothes in french?

elle a de beaux habits, de beaux vêtements