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The french word for love is " Amour", but if you're looking to say "I love you" in French it is "je t'aime".

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What is te french word for mother love ? The french word for mother love its je t'aime manmi .

Amour is the French word for love.

I love you is spelled 'je t'aime' in French.

The word 'love' does NOT have any origins relation to a French word for a food.

Love (noun) is "amour" in French. To love (verb) is "aimer".

The French noun meaning love is amour. The verb meaning "to love" is aimer.

love in french is : J'adore !x PS that's true!

Love letters is 'des lettres d'amour' in French.

Love is "amour", a masculine noun in French.

To fall in love is "tomber amoureux / amoureuse" in French.

Je'taime toi= I love you or j'adore = love

your love -> ton amour / votre amour

The word for love in French is "amour" (noun) but the verb to love is "aimer". So to say "I love you", is "Je t'aime"

The word actually comes from a mispronunciation French l'oeuf, meaning egg, since a 0 looks like an egg and love is a score of zero.

'aimer' means both 'to like' or 'to love' in French.

Canada has two official languages: English and French. English: love French: l'amour

"Amor" is the Portuguese, Spanish, and French word for "love"

ma chère or mon chéri

Canadians speak English and French.

an affair is 'une affaire' (fem.) in French. The word 'affaire' can work as a synonim to business, or to a love affair.

"un amour royal" would be the translation for royal love.

Seclamour is French for ' That's love' No it's c'est l'amour

je t'aime or je t'adore

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