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I don't know but it's not pretty

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Q: What is the French word for spot?
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How do you say spot on in French?

"Spot on" in French would be "exactement."

What word can you add to spot to make a compound word?

Examples of compound words that can be made from the word 'spot' are:hot spotbeauty spotspot cleanspot checkspotlessspotlightsunspotparking spotliver spotvacation spot

What is the German word for spot?

Punkt is spot

How do you pronounce spot in French?


What is the Spanish word for spot?

spot = el punto

What is the french word for Jack?

What is the french word french of Jack ? the french word for Jack its Jacques .

Is object a French word?

i think it's a french word i was reading a french letter and this word is in their and i no its french.

How you can use the word spot in a sentence?

The red spot was hot and itchy. Go to that spot and wait for me there.

Is bonchule a word in french?

No, bonchule isn't a word in french...but "bonchure" is a word in french

Is the word bikini a French word?

No, bikini is not a French word. Although it was used in French.

What is the Irish Gaelic word for spot?

its actually "spot" but its pronounced "sput"

Is there another word for Blind Spot?

Dead spot, weakness, deficiency

How do you spell french word?

The word "word" in French is mot.

What is the French word for With?

The French word is (avec).

Why is duclet a french word?

It is not a French word.

What is the word for if in French?

The french word for if is "si".

What is the word for on in French?

The French word for on is sur.

What is the french word for am?

The French word for am is suis! :)

What is the french word for fishing?

The french word for fishing is "péche" and the french word for fisherman is "pécher."

Is Pollice the french word for Thumb?

No, "pouce" is the French word for thumb. "Pollice" is not a French word.

What is French word for English word opossum?

The word is the same in French.

Is lasange a french word?

losange is a French word, lasagna is an Italian word spelled lasagne in French.

What is the meaning of the word french gulamala?

"gulamala" is not a French word; it has no meaning in French.

How do you spell the French word for nightgown?

The word from French is negligee, which is negligée in French.

What does the French word wslij mean?

This is not a French word and means nothing in French.