What is the G-spot?

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The G-spot is the spot in the Female Vagina that most women get the most pleasure from. It takes a little effort to get to the G-spot orgasm though, but the end result is most pleasureable. First you must be comfortable, and it's all the same if your having intercourse, masturbation, or oral. When your feeling like your body is almost there you push down, and most hold their breath, but don't pass out. If you reach the G-spot you will feel more liquid come down then a regular orgasm. This is not urine, it's a clear odorless liquid, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. But there will be alot of it. If you are planing to explore and play with your G-spot, I recommend towels are put down. Note. The G-spot is an area of the vagina, not a neat little "spot" or "button". (From this point of view the actual term is unfortunate. Many women have difficulty finding their G-spot. It's best to look when you are already highly aroused - ideally, after you've had at least one O from clitoral stimulation. It's on the front (inner) wall of the vagina, about half way up. The moment you touch your G-spot you'll experience an intense sensation of pleasure (possibly a sudden gush of fluid too) and you'll want to play with it. Many women find G-spot stimulation ideal for multiple Os (usually by masturbation). Remember that there is likely to be a lot of fluid and you may ejaculate. So, have plenty of cold drinks and, as the above reply says, towels too. Good luck! Once you are happy stimulating your G-spot it might be worth experimenting with stimulating the area *immediately* behind and above the G-Spot. Some women find it drives them wild with excitement. Again, this should never be done from cold ... (This area was apparently first expressly mentioned at a conference in Malaysia late in 2002; and the speaker, an Asian, named it the 'A-spot' in honour of Asia). Women who become adept at having multiple Os from G-spot (and A-spot) stimulation may have an ecstatic 'out-of-body experience' ('floating'). If this happens, don't be surprised and don't panic; just enjoy it. Again, good luck!
The G spot is a spot inside the woman's vulva, near the vagina that causes extreme pleasure when found and stimulated. It can be found in different locations depending on the female.

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Q: What is the G-spot?
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How do you know if you found your gspot?

It feels really, really, really good you know u have found your gspot when your climax is intense and long.

Can a gspot be in the butt?

It is for men. It's the prostate. For women, no.

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How do you hit gspot?

Inside the front wall of the will know when you hit it

What does tisked mean?

it means haveing a bit of a dig looking for he treasure of the gspot

How do you identify gspot?

it is a lump about 2 inches into the vagina, located on the roof of the vagina.

Did lesbians invent the gspot?

No. The G Spot is named after the German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg.

Is the gspot on the front wall of the vagina?

It's inside the vagina a few inches on the roof.

Do all women have g spots and are they in same spots?

Whether or not the Gspot exists is a question that is still under scientific debate.

How do you find your gspot?

There is a very clear diagram courtesy of Wikipedia (see related link) showing the location of the g-spot within a woman's body.

What does a footjob feel like?

It feel like a warm piece of dog crap rubbing against your gspot while you stroke another man's rooster.

What is the best way to 69?

I like to be on top sometimes so as she sucking me she plays with my balls or ass......if u didnt know a mans anus is his gspot try it out!

Can boys use dildo's?

Boys can use dildos as they stick it up their bum. This can bring boys pleasure as they have a "gspot" up their bum. Many boys enjoy using dildos.

Where is a mans gspot?

The prostate has come to be known as "the male G-spot". Stimulating the prostate can even result in ejaculation. Practicing prostate massage should be done carefully and gently.

How do you find the gspot?

Giver her a orgasm first and then you should feel it easier. It's a few inches inside the vagina in the roof and has a bit of a rough exterior. It's not as sensitive as the clitoris though so it can take a while until she feels it and enjoys it.

I recently downloaded a video and the file format is hdtv.xivd-xor.avi can someone please help me on where to get the codec or what i need to play the file?

The Gspot program will help you find out what codec is needed to play many different file types. Give it a try.

My girlfriend says I am fingering her too deep and seems uncomfortable when I am fingering her What am I doing wrong?

when u finger her make sure u dont g 2 hard. it could hert her uterus. the frthest u can go his her gspot and that is very arousing

What is a hinge in your body?

it's the curve inside a womans vagina that leads to the uterus, usually where the Gspot is meant to be, though not known famously, though a mans g spot is in his anus, that part of a womans body is usually reached easier through anal sex.

Do girls shoot sperm?

Girls don't shoot sperm, but they do something called squirting. Squirting happens when a girls G-spot is rubbed. This can happen when you finger a girls pussy, or with your penis. You can search on google how to stimulate the gspot, but keep in mind that not all girls can squirt.

Is a mans gspot up his ass?

No, the g-spot refers to a region in the vagina. A man does not have a vagina, so he can not have a g-spot either. However, some men enjoy stimulation of the prostate, which is an organ exclusive to males that lies somewhere in the same region and can be stimulated with a similar 'come hither' finger motion.

How do you hit a girls gspot?

To find a girls G stop, insert your finger in the vagina about an inch and a half. Move your finger in a "come here" way, and you should feel a small circular area, when you touch it should be very sensitive and make you feel like you have to go pee. The G stop is purely for pleasure, but can sometimes be difficult to have an orgasam buy just stimulating the one spot.

Sexual pressure points on a women?

the clit, gspot (if they have one and u can find it lol) and nipples when you are both hot and aroused, grab her hips and apply a nice amount of pressure to her mid-inner upper thigh. right where her leg meets her pelvis. kinda creep up onto her and make it feel like a three second long massage.and kind of move your hand/grasp in a small circular motion. it will get her to quiver. i swear by it. works for both guys and girls. =D

What is a girls gspot?

A girls G stop is a place in a girls vagina that is very sensitive and can produce very powerful orgasams. To find a girls G stop, insert your finger in the vagina about an inch and a half. Move your finger in a "come here" way, and you should feel a small circular area, when you touch it should be very sensitive and make you feel like you have to go pee. The G stop is purely for pleasure, but can sometimes be difficult to have an orgasam buy just stimulating the one spot.

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How far in is the womens gspot?

It varies from woman to woman. You have to understand that there are many factors to analyze be for you can determine where the "g spot" is on a female she is short obviously its not going to be too deep. If she is a heavier woman,tall,young,old.....get my point? just hit it and askAnswer:It doesn't matter how tall the woman is there's still a average size to the vagina and also to where the G-spot is. It's located on the upper wall of the vagina about 25-75 mm (1-3 inches)in. It will be found the easiest if you give her a orgasm first.