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What is the GDP of China?

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In 2010, the IMF estimate of China's GDP was 5.88 trillion USD, overtaking Japan and thus placing it as the second largest economy based on GDP in the world, behind USA.

GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product and is defined as the total market value of all the goods and services produced within the borders of a nation during a specified period.

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Why does China have a high GDP but a low per capita GDP?

Because when you divide their GDP by the number of Chinese people you get a small number. There are a LOT of people in China.

What was china GDP in 2007?

GDP: $3.251 Trillion (2007 Est.)

Do china have a lower GDP than India?

China's GDP is $11.29 trillion (2011 est.) India's GDP is $4.463 trillion ( 2011 est.) Therefore no. India have a lower GDP than China. kingboy190 :)

What are two leading countries in today's world economy?

By nominal GDP: U.S. and China. By PPP GDP: U.S. and China.

Who are the two richest countries in the world?

United states and china United States GDP $14,580,000,000,000 China GDP $7,800,000,000,000

Which country is better Russia or china?

by gdp, china is richer than russia by gdp per capita, russia is richer than china by population, china by far by military, about the same, but china has more people in the army

Who is richer china or England?

Do you mean as total gdp? China ofcourse.

What is the per capita GDP of China?

The GDP per capita for China in 2008 according to the CIA World Factbook was $6,000 (in US Dollars) ranking China 133rd in the world.

What position does India hold in the world based on GDP?

Second largest GDP next to china

Why does china have a height GDP but a low capita GDP?

A relatively advanced developing economy of 1.3 billion people.

Is Mexico richer than China?

In volume terms, no. In per capita terms, Mexico is much richer than China:GDP (US$ billions): China: 10,084.8Mexico: 1,652.2GDP Per Capita (US$): Mexico: 15,010China: 7,570

What is the percentage service marketing contribution to GDP of china?


Who is richer India or China?

India is the best in the world China has a much larger GDP and money in total.

Which economy is the closest economy to us economy?

China. China's GDP is 13 trillion whereas the US' GDP is 18 trillion

Where does India rank in GDP?

India Ranks 8th in GDP Nominal basis and 4th ( after US/China/Japan) in PPP basis.

How much bigger is the GDP of US than china?

Because of China's secrecy and the unreliability of the figures they publish, it is very difficult to tell how much bigger the GDP of the US is compared to China. Even so, experts estimate that there isn't much difference between both countries and China will have a larger GDP than the US by 2017.

How industrial sector effects GDP of India?

Sectors related to GDP:Agriculture Growth Rate-GDPIndustry Growth Rate- GDPInfrastructure Sector Growth Rate- GDPServices Sector Growth Rate- GDPBusiness Expectations Index Surveys on India GDPIndia GDP and Standard of LivingLimitations of GDP per Capita in Measuring GrowthGDP India vs. GDP ChinaIndia GDP Forecast 2008World Bank India GDPBy Anaya,The Cheesy Animation

Is China the poorest country in Asia?

No, China is one of the wealthier nations in Asia by GDP, although it is still developing.

Which countries have the largest economies in the world?

With a GDP (PPP) of $14,720,000,000,000 USD, the United States is the largest economy. The US is followed by China (#2) with a GDP of $ 9,872,000,000,000; Japan (#3) with a GDP of $ 4,338,000,000,000; and India (#4) with a GDP of $4,046,000,000,000; and Germany with a GDP of $2,951,000,000,000. All figures from CIA World Factbook 2010 - GDP estimate expressed as PPP

Is Japan richer than China?

Actually, the answer to this is that in terms of GDP per capita, Japan is richer. However, if you look at the GDP figures of the two countries, China has a larger value, though in terms of richness Japan is richer because its per capita is larger than China!

What are the top three economies in the world?

Here are the top 3 economies as of 2009... 1. China ( Approximate GDP- $7,043,000,000,000 ) 2. Japan ( Approximate GDP- $4,305,000,000,000 ) 3. India (Approximate GDP- $2,965,000,000,000 )

Is China ranked in the top 10 economies rated by GDP?

According to the United Nations, China is one of the top 10 economies rated by GDP. In fact, they are second behind the United States and one position ahead of Japan.

What is China's GDP per person?

china has only 3 GDP per person and only the ghost off poltergeist knows so you have to watch poltergeist

What is the contribution of agriculture in GDP of china?

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How has China attempted to increase its GDP since the 20th century?

They have increased their education programs.