What is the Gaelic for 'never give up'?


The nearest translation of "never give up" is "Coinnigh ort go deo" - this literally translates as "Keep on for ever" (Alternative "Lean ort (leat) go deo") or more likely "Ná eirigh as go deo" "Don't rise out of it ever". Note that the plurals of the first two expressions are "Coinnigh oraibh go deo" and "Lean oraibh go deo".

Common náthanna cainte (phrases) used with similar meanings are

Ar agaidh go deo - (keep going) forward for ever

Leanaimís ar aghaidh go deo - we will keep going forever

Ní éirífidh muid as go deo - we will never give up

There's always "No surrender!" which is "Ní ghéillfear!"

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