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What is the Gaelic pronunciation for 'Láidir agus dílis'?

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láidir agus dílis [lawdjir oggus djeelish] in Irish. Scottish Gaelic:

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What are the Gaelic words for and?

Scottish Gaelic: agusIrish Gaelic: agus

What is the Gaelic for 'and you'?

IRISH (Gaelic): agus tusa (one person); agus sibhse (more than one) (SCOTS) Gaelic: agus thusa; agus sibhse

What are the Gaelic translations for truth and justice?

In Irish (Gaelic): firinne agus ceartas; in (Scottish) Gaelic: firinn agus (?).

What is the Gaelic spelling for father and daughter?

Irish Gaelic = Athair agus iníon. Scottish Gaelic = Athair agus nighean.

What is the Gaelic for 'and?

In both Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic it is agus.

What is tea and coffee in the Gaelic languages?

Scottish Gaelic: tì agus cafaidh Irish Gaelic: tae agus caife Manx Gaelic: tey as caffee

What does agus mean in Gaelic?


What does the Gaelic phrase eagna agus foigne mean?

Eagna agus foighne 'wisdom and patience' in Irish Gaelic.

How do you say hope faith and love in Gaelic?

In Irish (Gaelic): Dóchas, creideamh, agus grá.In (Scottish) Gaelic: Dòchas, creideas agus gaol.

How do you say grandparents in Gaelic?

seanathair agus seanmháthair, daideo agus mamó, athair mór agus máthair mhór, these all mean grandfather and grandmother in Irish. In Scottish Gaelic seanair agus seanmhair.

What is the Gaelic for 'and'?

In Scots Gaelic as well as in Irish the word is 'agus'.

How is mother and sons written in Gaelic?

Mother and sons is máthair agus mic literally in Irish "Gaelic".It's màthair agus mic in (Scottish) Gaelic.

Common gaelic words?

agus = 'and'.

How do you say sister and brother in Gaelic?

In Scottish Gaelic: piuthar (agus) bràthair. Sister (and) brother.In Irish: deirfiúr (agus) deartháir.

What is the Gaelic for 'friendship honor and love'?

In Irish Gaelic it's "cairdeas, onóir agus grá"In Scottish Gaelic it's "càirdeas onair agus gaol"

Peace hugs and healing energy to you in Gaelic?

Scottish Gaelic:sìth, pògan, agus neart slànachaidh dhut - shee, poagan, agus nyarsht slahnachy ghoot(Contributor)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Scottish Gaelic:Suaimhneas, caidrichean, agus spèird slànachaidh agad.Irish 'Gaelic':Suaimhneas, barróga agus fuinneamh leighis agat.(2k3r021)

How do you spell and in Gaelic?

"And" is written "agus". The word is the same in ScotsGaelic and Irish Gaelic.

What is the Gaelic for 'faith hope love'?

In Irish, 'Creideamh, dóchas agus grá'. In Scottish Gaelic: 'Creideamh, dòchas agus gràdh'.

What is the Scottish Gaelic for and?

"ock-us" (agus)

What is the Scottish Gaelic translation for the word and?


What is the Gaelic for black and white?

"Dubh agus bán", pronounced "dove agus bawn".

How do you say faith and honor and family in Irish Gaelic?

creideamh agus onóir agus teaghlaigh

What does bid deoch agus ceol mean?

In Irish "Bia, deoch agus ceol" means "food, drink and music";in Scots Gaelic "Biadh, deoch agus ceòl".Bid (?) "deoch agus ceol" ('drink and music' in Irish or Scottish Gaelic.