What is the Game of Thrones about?

Game of Thrones is an HBO TV series based on George R. R. Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire', and also the name for the first novel in the series. It is a fantasy drama set in a middle ages-like time period; magic exists in this world, in a low-key fashion, as well as creatures like giants and dragons.


It consists of several major story arcs, the most important of which are;

1 - The death King Robert Baratheon of the 'seven kingdoms', and the wars that erupted over the 'Iron Throne'. Robert's three heirs are discovered to be illegitimate, born from an incestuous relationship between the Queen and her brother; however few are brave or foolish enough to mention it, and his eldest son Joffrey assumes the throne. This question of legitimacy causes Robert's brothers Renly and Stannis to stake their claim on the throne, and prepare for war, meanwhile a vassal state, the Iron Islands make a bid for independence.

2 - The last surviving child of the 'mad king' Aerys, ousted by Robert years before the novel starts. In a foreign land across the sea, she goes from having nothing, to becoming one of the most powerful women alive. She commands armies, rules cities, and successfully hatches three dragon eggs, the first to have hatched for decades. She believes the Iron Throne to be her birthright, and plans to travel back across the sea and conquer it. Despite acting with good intentions, she can be short-sighted and vindictive.

3 - The threat from the far north; a race of beings called the White Walkers are waiting for the years-long winter to begin, so they may invade the lands of men. The main obstacle in their path is a magically created glacier called The Wall, and a line of castles across it manned by a brotherhood called the Night's Watch.

Game of thrones is an american medieval fantasy series. Game of thrones is all about IRON throne. Game of throne is one the most popular series at present .