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Honey locust's scientific, Latin name is Gleditsia G. triacanthos. There is also at least one sub-species, including the thorn-less G. t. inermis. Honey locusts are part of the family Fabaceae.

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Q: What is the Genus Species name for a Honey Locust tree?
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Genus species name of a locust?

There are many different types of locusts with different genera and species. The genus Schistocerca includes the American locust(species Americana) and the desert locust(species gregaria). Some other locusts are the Locusta migratoria(migratory locust) , Nomadracis septemfasciata(red locust), and Locustana pardalina(brown locust).

What is scientific name of honey bee?

Honey bees are in the genus Apis. There are a number of different species.

What is the scientific name of locust?

An organism's scientific name is comprised of the names of genus and species that they belong to. The scientific name of an American locust is Schistocerca Americana.Schistocerca gregaria

What are honey badger full taxonomic name?

The honey badger's scientific name is Mellivora capensis. The first part is the genus name, and the second is the species name. It is the only member of its genus.

What is the genus of a honey bee?

Apis is the genus name for all honey bees.Specifically, the honey bee's scientific name includes at least two names. One is the genus name. The other is the species, of which there are seven: andreniformis, cerana, dorsata, florea, koschevikovni, mellifera, and nigrocincta.

Is species capitalized when used as a scientific name?

No, only the genus is capitalized, the species is lower case. For example, the honey bee, Apis melifera, the Apis (genus) is capitalized, and the melifera (species name) is not.

What is scientific name for honey locust?

Gleditsia triacanthos

What is the scientific name for honey?

Honeysuckle is a flowering shrub or vine of the Genus Lonicera. There are about 180 species of honeysuckle.

What is the honey bees' scientific name?

Apis andreniformis, A. cerana, A. dorsata, A. florea, A. koschevnikovi, A. mellifera, and A. nigrocincta are scientific names of the honey bee.Specifically, a scientific name consists of at least two names, of which the first is the genus and the second the species. In this case, the genus indicates that the insect in question is a honey bee. The species tells exactly what kind of honey bee it is.

What is the scientific name for honey suckle?

Honeysuckle is a flowering shrub or vine of the Genus Lonicera. There are about 180 species of honeysuckle.

What is the locust's scientific name?

There are many species of locust. They belong to the family Acrididae.

What is the genus and species name of a platypus?

The genus and species name of the platypus is Ornithorhynchus anatinus.

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