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What is the German vs American submarine walfare?


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Germany practiced "Guerre de Course" (Commerce Warfare) because they were weak in battlefleet strength. They had a weak navy. Commerce Raiding (Guerre de Course) can be compared to the land war's version of "guerrilla warfare", in that a combatant which has no comparable army (a strong army) to fight it's opponents must often revert to guerrilla warfare.

America practiced both "Guerre de Course" & "Guerre de Escadre" (Fleet Warfare)." America (United States) was WWII's exception to all rules:

1. The US had unlimited manpower

2. The US had unlimited natural resources

3. The US had out-produced every nation in every product; both friend & foe alike

4. The US factories were not being bombed or attacked

5. WWII made America stronger/while it made all other nations weaker

Note: WWII also got America out of the great depression of the 1930s!