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A nitric acid molecule has 1 hydrogen atom, 1 nitrogen atom and 3 oxygen atoms. Their atomic masses are 1, 14 and 16. So, the Atomic Mass of nitric acid is 1x1+14x1+16x3=63g.

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Q: What is the Gram molecular mass of nitric acid?
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What is the molar mass of nitric acid?

the molar mass of nitric acid is the molar mass of nitic acid! :)

What is the word equation of calcium with hydrochloric acid?

One gram atomic mass of calcium reacts with two gram molecular masses of hydrochloric acid to form one gram formula mass of calcium chloride and one gram molecular mass of diatomic hydrogen gas.

What is the gram molecular mass of hydrogen?

The gram molecular mass of H2 is 2g.

What is the gram molecular mass of H2SO4?

The relative molecular mass of sulfate ion is 96. Sulfuric acid molecule has two protons attached to it. Therefore the GMM of sulfuric acid is 98g.

What is a gram of a molecular substance?

A gram of a molecular substance is the quantity that will have a mass of 1 gram.

How much does a gallon of nitric acid weigh?

Nitric acid has the molecular formula of HNO3. With a molar mass of 63.0128 grams per mole and a density of 1.5129 grams per cubic centimeter, one gallon has a mass of 5.73 kg.

What is the molecular mass of sulphuric acid?

Molecular Mass Of Sulphuric Acid Is 98

What is the gram molecular mass of NaCl?

The molecular mass of sodium chloride is 58,43976928.

What is the gram molecular mass of oxygen?

The gram molecular mass for oxygen is 16.0 grams. (The molecular mass is simply another term for the atomic mass number in the periodic table of elements.)

Could you find molar mass for Nitric acid?

The problem for nitric acid (HNO3). Molar mass would be 63.02g/mol

What is the gram molecular mass of chlorine?

The gram molecular mass of chlorine is 35.4*2 because chlorine is a diatomic element

What does 10mL of nitric acid equal in grams?

10 mL of nitric acid has a mass of 15.1 grams.

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