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What is the HUD Heads Up Display?

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HUD means Heads Up Display.

It stands for Heads Up Display.

HUD stands for Heads Up Display when you are playing in a match it shows your HUD Name how hurt your character is and if your character can do his/her finish move

There is no difference as far as the glass is concerned! The glass has nothing to do with the heads up display.

It is called "HUD" for heads up display. It was originally developed for military jets.

Yes, but if you have a HUD ( Heads up Display ) then you need to make sure the transfer windshield car had a HUD, also.

Yes, but if you have a HUD ( Heads up Display ) then you need to make sure the transfer windshield car had a HUD, also.

Open the console (~) and type: Hud 1 Then hit enter. The HUD (Heads-Up Display) should be visible. *Note* The Hud can be turned off by typing 0 instead of 1 in the console.

Yes, a HUD compatible windshield is special designed to reflect light images right about the steering wheel. A standard windshield may reflect the HUD information but when driving into the sun or with bad glare it may become very unclear or completely unable to see.

More Information; The car is at 36,000 and no other issues. HUD simply was not there one day, but will go into stealth mood, just no display. Thanks

You can toggle the Heads-Up Display (HUD) with numbers pressing 'H' key while in flight simulator mode.

This can be due to the failure of the display unit or the connector/solder has become detatched. The following website explains how to replace the HUD if it is not under warranty (it can be an expensive repair). Also check the HUD question in the GRAND PRIX GTP forum of this website. Hope this helps. G Check out the forums at or for heads up display problems.

HUD stands for Heads Up Display. It's a style used to convey a sense of realism. Some No HUD games are Dead Space, Mirrors Edge and Dark Sector. Further explanation of a HUD is the displays that show you your health, ammo, weapons, items, etc. It is usually located around the edge of the screen.

A heads up display is a display that allows you to see the information without looking down or turning your head. Typically this type of display is found on a windshield or on a visor.

No HUD (Heads Up Display) means that there will be nothing on the screen except your character. For example: there will be no cross hairs, map, current weapon (Other than seeing it on the screen), how much ammo you have left, secondary weapon display, stamina, or health displays. There will be no way to tell how much health you have left or stamina so be careful when you use it.

"The cost to replace a windshield is normally between $300 and $500. Specially treated windshields that incorporate HUD (heads up display) or other high tech options can cost as much as $1,200 to replace."

It is called a HUD ( Head Up Display ) In the 96 Pontiac I think it only showed speed.

Yes, you will have to watch where you are going.

The compass is part of the HUD display in the Google Earth Flight Simulator. HUD instrument display can be toggled on/off by pressing 'H' key.

# Remove the cover that surrounds the HUD unit # Remove the portion of the dash closest to the windshield. Be caredfull with the foam rubber seal. # Remove the screws that go down into the HUD unit using a very short screw driver # The final screw comes into the top of the HUD unit. You'll have to remove the speedometer to get to it. (I left this one out when I reassembled everything just in case I ever need to open in up again)

1. HUD stands for Heads Up Display which can be found on cars such as Grand Prix. It displays your speed and warning lights, etc. on the windshield 2. HUD stands for The Department of Housing and Urban Development which assists home buyers, renters and the homeless with obtaining fairgh housing. 3. Hub is an central device used in networking. it is used to connect the systems upto the eight systems to share the data from one computer to another computer.

Did you try adjusting the brightness knob? It is located next to the switch the adjusts the angle of projection.

I had the windshield in my '99 GTP replaced with a $100 "normal" windshield and the HUD works just fine. The "special" Winshield was $200.

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