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what will havoline oil filters TFC 530 and T18 and T129 fit as will as havoline oil filter hsa 721 fit.

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Fram PH8A Baldwin B2 Havoline T-1-FS Motorcraft FL-1A according to internet cross references.

PZ0019 is not in the Fram Filters cross reference guide.

What is the fram oil filter cross reference for onan oil filter 1220893

The Fram oil filter cross reference guide lists Fram's PH10060 as a cross reference for Mopar/Chrysler/Mitsubishi 04892339AA.

what is the cross reference for Napa oil filter 1056 to fram oil filter and als the cross reference for Napa oil filter 7035 to fram

Cross reference hydro-gear filter number 52114

What is the cross reference for Craftsman 24606 oil filter to Fram

Cross reference to what other filter? As you do not list this information, go to the store that sells the brand filter you want to use. They can tell you the correct filter that cross references with the Fram filter.

Guardian OG5894 is not in the Fram Filters cross reference guide.

Purolator 60362 is not in the FRam Filters cross reference guide.

HYD oil filter = 38430-37710 Cross reference with what?

Cross reference a Kubota oil filter 70000-74035 to a fram oil filter?

What is the cross reference for a John Deere oil filter AM125424 to a Fram oil filter

I cannot cross reference it without knowing the brand of filter this number you list applies to.

Cross reference wix 51821 to framoil filter?Fram P5200

Cross references to Wix filter 51515.

I cannot find a cross reference on a Purolator, Amsoil, or Fram filter for this number filter. I suggest you write down the Generac filter model # and go to your local auto parts store. They will be able to cross reference it to the filters they sell.

I could not find a direct cross reference, but on the filter itself was a DENSO # of 115010-5350 and that has a WIX cross reference number of 51056

Any Auto Parts store can cross reference the filter for you.

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