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What is the History of fish hook?

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i have seen native American artifacts of fish hooks carved from bone. the line end of the hook had a groove around the shank no doubt to retain a string or thread.

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What part of a hook hooks a fish?

The hook point penetrates the mouth of the fish, the barb prevents the tip of the hook from coming back out and the bend of the hook helps hold the fish onto the hook.Some people will flatten the barb on a hook with a pair of pliers to make the hook easier to remove and to reduce the harm experienced by the fish.The sharp part of the hook, which is called the point, hooks the fish and the barb keeps the fish on the hook.the barb

What part of a hook catch a fish?

The point is the part that catches the fish, the barb is the part that keeps the fish on the hook.

What is a hook for landing fish?

A large hook mounted on a pole and used for landing fish is called a gaff.

Would hook be a noun?

"hook" could be a noun or verb. If it is talking about the item, "fish hook" then yes, it's a noun. If it's telling what to do, "hook that fish on the stick" then it's a verb.

What does the hook do?

Catches fish.

Does it hurt when you hook a fish?

Does not hurt me one bit. As a matter of fact, I feel prettyexcited when I do manage to hook a fish.

Why dont fish see the hook?

well the bait on the hook covers it.

How do you fish for king fish?

u put bait on hook

What hooks the fish?

There are two main types of hook - the J hook and the circle hook. J hooks are used by directly driving the hook through the bait and into the fish with a strong upward tug. The hook can end up anywhere from the stomach of the fish to the jaw or be snagged on the exterior of the fish. Circle hooks are swallowed by the fish and are set by winding the line tight. The shape of the hook causes the point to swing around the jaw. Typically, 95% of the hook sets are in the fish's jaw. This allows the fish to be released relatively unharmed. Circle hooks are used very successfully in deep water fishing.

What is a large fish hook?

a gaff

Why do penguins have a hook on there beak?

The hook allows them to catch fish such that the fish are unable to escape. this way they can carry them distances to feed to their children.

What are the release dates for Fish Hook - 2009?

Fish Hook - 2009 was released on: USA: 11 March 2009 (limited)

What is the name of the hook used to land a fish?

If you are referring to the large hook that people use to pull the fish on board a boat, that is called a gaff. If you are referring to the large hook that people use to pull the fish on board a boat, that is called a gaff.

How do you close fish hook clasp?

Simple! Take the hook and 'hook' it around the catch on the end of the clasp, then push the hook into the clasp to securely fasten.

How do you get a fish hook out of a dogs mouth?

Cut off the eye of the hook with some wire cutters and then pull the hook through.

Who invented the fish hook?

woody kober

What is a snake hook used for?

Catching fish

How do you fish cheese?

you put it on a fishing hook

What is a sentence using the word hook?

The fish is on the hook. The man's missing left hand has been replaced with a stainless steel hook.

What is a baited hook?

It is a fishing hook with something to catch marine life attached to it, such as fish or worms.

How does the fishhook cactus adapt to the desert?

The fish hook shaped spines of the Fish Hook Cactus help divert heat and shade to the growing tip of the plant.

What is the civil war fish hook?

Defensive strategy by the union army at Gettysburg, the position resembled a fish hook to prevent the confederates from striking at any position.

Are barbed fishing hooks better than normal?

Barbed hooks help keep the fish on the hook better than a barbless hook. If you are practicing catch and release it is recommended that you use a barbless hook to allow for easy hook removal and to prevent injury to the fish.

What is the meaning of the Hawaiian fish hook?

Fish hooks are worn as a symbol of Polynesian culture. Once used as a tool for harvesting marine life, the fish hook is now reminiscent of an ancient craft and lifestyle.

What fish eat surgeon fish?

i think it's the small minnows that you put on your hook