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I believe that the Casting Number for ALL 1970-1972 Buick 455, Stage-1 Engines is #1112016. I believe that The Casting Number for all 1969 Buick 430, Stage-1 Engines is #1111962. I have an Original REPLACEMENT Distributor, for my Original 1970 Buick 455, Stage-1 Convertible.....the Casting Number on it is #1112016..., also with a DATE-CODE for 1972. I can check for the exact Date Code / Translation on it and relay that to you after I get home....Each Date-Code will of course be different according to the MONTH and YEAR it was Casted at the foundry. 02/10/08 I am NOT an expert, but believe this info, from my previous research to be accurate. The best person to find out detailed info from about ANY Buick GS is: Duane Heckman of He is a Walking Encyclopedia when it comes to Buicks.....He is the Leading Concours Judge at the Buick Nationals Every Year..... I will try to post the Date Codes for Distributors HERE, soon as I can. Semper Fi, Jim E-mail Address:

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Q: What is the ID for a 1971 Buick stage 1 455 distributor?
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Will a Buick 455 hei distributor fit a Buick 430?


What motor did the 1970 buick GS stage 1 have?

It had a 455.

What is the point gap on 1971 Buick 455?

.016 inch , 30 degrees point dwell

Where can you find valve covers for a 1070 buick 455 stage one GS?

Try or

Where is number 1 on the cap of a 455?

That would depend on what vehicle it is in : Back in the 1970's , the Pontiac Firebird 455 - # 1 on the distributor cap faced to the rear and slightly towards the drivers side ( distributor at rear of engine ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Oldsmobile 455 - # 1 on the distributor cap faced to the front and slightly towards the drivers side ( distributor at rear of engine ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Buick 455 - # 1 on the distributor cap faced to the front and slightly towards the passenger side ( distributor at front of engine ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- more information please - what year , model ?

How do you replace distributor on 1973 Buick Riviera 455 engine from points to electronic?

Kit available at auto parts w/instructions

Where is the oil filter located for a 1974 Buick 455?

Buick big blocks have the oil filter located directly below the distributor, just outside and behind the lower pulley.

Will Oldsmobile 455 headers fit on a Buick 455?

No. they are different head designs.

Which motor has the most horsepower a Pontiac 455 or Buick 455?

The Pontiac 455 came in 3 versions. Base, High Output, and Super Duty. The base 1970-71 engine produced 200 hp and 455 lb/ft torque. The Super Duty 1970-71 engine had 335 hp and 480 lb/ft torque. Power was reduced after 1971. The Buick 455 came in 2 versions. The 1970 Base engine had 350 hp and 510 lb/ft torque. The Stage 1 engine had 360 hp and 510 lb/ft torque. So as you can see the Buick was the more powerful engine by far.

Can you replace a Buick 455 with a Pontiac 455?

Same block, should fir right in

What direction does a 455 oldsmobile distributor rotate?


How much does a 455 Buick engine weigh?


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