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What is the ID for a 1971 Buick stage 1 455 distributor?

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I believe that the Casting Number for ALL 1970-1972 Buick 455, Stage-1 Engines is #1112016. I believe that The Casting Number for all 1969 Buick 430, Stage-1 Engines is #1111962. I have an Original REPLACEMENT Distributor, for my Original 1970 Buick 455, Stage-1 Convertible.....the Casting Number on it is #1112016..., also with a DATE-CODE for 1972. I can check for the exact Date Code / Translation on it and relay that to you after I get home....Each Date-Code will of course be different according to the MONTH and YEAR it was Casted at the foundry. 02/10/08 I am NOT an expert, but believe this info, from my previous research to be accurate. The best person to find out detailed info from about ANY Buick GS is: Duane Heckman of He is a Walking Encyclopedia when it comes to Buicks.....He is the Leading Concours Judge at the Buick Nationals Every Year..... I will try to post the Date Codes for Distributors HERE, soon as I can. Semper Fi, Jim E-mail Address:

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Will a Buick 455 hei distributor fit a Buick 430?


What motor did the 1970 buick GS stage 1 have?

It had a 455.

Where is number 1 on the cap of a 455?

That would depend on what vehicle it is in : Back in the 1970's , the Pontiac Firebird 455 - # 1 on the distributor cap faced to the rear and slightly towards the drivers side ( distributor at rear of engine ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Oldsmobile 455 - # 1 on the distributor cap faced to the front and slightly towards the drivers side ( distributor at rear of engine ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Buick 455 - # 1 on the distributor cap faced to the front and slightly towards the passenger side ( distributor at front of engine ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- more information please - what year , model ?

What is the point gap on 1971 Buick 455?

.016 inch , 30 degrees point dwell

Where can you find valve covers for a 1070 buick 455 stage one GS?

Try or

Where is the oil filter located for a 1974 Buick 455?

Buick big blocks have the oil filter located directly below the distributor, just outside and behind the lower pulley.

How do you replace distributor on 1973 Buick Riviera 455 engine from points to electronic?

Kit available at auto parts w/instructions

Which motor has the most horsepower a Pontiac 455 or Buick 455?

The Pontiac 455 came in 3 versions. Base, High Output, and Super Duty. The base 1970-71 engine produced 200 hp and 455 lb/ft torque. The Super Duty 1970-71 engine had 335 hp and 480 lb/ft torque. Power was reduced after 1971. The Buick 455 came in 2 versions. The 1970 Base engine had 350 hp and 510 lb/ft torque. The Stage 1 engine had 360 hp and 510 lb/ft torque. So as you can see the Buick was the more powerful engine by far.

Will Oldsmobile 455 headers fit on a Buick 455?

No. they are different head designs.

Can you replace a Buick 455 with a Pontiac 455?

Same block, should fir right in

What direction does a 455 oldsmobile distributor rotate?


How much does a 455 Buick engine weigh?


Can you put a 1970 buick 455 stage 1 in a 1967 Skylark Gs?

Yes you can...the 400 is the same engine as the 455...all you need are 455 frame mounts and motor mounts if you car had a small block V8 (340)...if it had a 400, a 455 bolts in perfectly since it is the same as a 455 externally!!! Year One, Inc. and TA Performance has whatever parts you may need.

How much horsepower does a 455 Buick engine have?

1970=360 bhp (factory rating, realistically more like 420hp for the Stage 1) 1976=205 bhp :(

What is the firing order for a 1970 Buick 455?

The firing order for a 1970-76 455 should be 18436572 Enjoy!

What is the size of a Buick 455 main bearing?

Really big.

What engine did a 1995 Buick roadmaster come with from factory?


1 location on distributor cap for 455 Pontiac?

# 1 position on the distributor cap of a 455 Pontiac faces to the rear , and towards the drivers side ( according to my Chiltons repair manual from the 1970's )

Where is the PVC connected to on a 455 buick engine?

Under the carburetor in the front.

Where can one get a Buick 455?

A Buick 455 could be purchased from a dealer who specializes in vintage motors, or in this particular brand. Owner forums may also feature these for sale, as well as other specialist publications.

Will fit a 455 Buick in to a 1993 Buick roadmaster?

Not without serious modification, but anything is possible if you have enough money for a conversion.

What is the horsepower rating for a 1970 Buick 455?

Around 365 gross hp

Where can you buy a 1970 Buick gs 455?

Check out "Hemmings Motor News".

What Buick was a muscle car?

The most famous Buick muscle car was the 1970 Buick GSX. The GS400 & GS340 were also muscle cars. So was the Skylark GS and for sure the 1970 Skylark Stage 1 GS 455 which was a real runner. The Buick Skylark Gran Sport. Starting in 1965 with the 401 cu in (called a 400) 325 HP engine.

What are the release dates for The Electric Company - 1971 455 4-65?

The Electric Company - 1971 455 4-65 was released on: USA: 17 January 1975