What is the Japanese meaning of the word soto?

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'Soto' means 'outside' in Japanese.

However, it has an additional meaning in Japanese: 'soto' also means outside of my personal circle, my family, my friend, or my business. The opposite would be 'uchi', which in addition to meaning inside my circle, also means 'house' in Japanese.
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What does the Japanese word Tamagochi mean?

Egg watch! . The word 'Tamagotchi' is a portmanteau (or hybrid) of the Japanese word for 'egg' (tamago, たまご) and the English word 'watch'.\n. \nBy taking 'tamago' and adding 'tch' at the end, the result is "Tamagotch," which has been popularized internationally with the added 'i' ( Full Answer )

What does 'Tomo soto balca' mean?

The exact translation into English would differ somewhat depending upon the context in which the phrase is used and the language the words are being translated from (Spanish, Portugese, or a particular dialect of either). That being the case the interested person would need to use whichever form app ( Full Answer )

What is the Japanese word meaning power?

The most common word is "ryoku", but you can also use "riki" and "chikara". All three mean the same thing. You want to be careful though, because when you combine words in Japanese, they often change. For instance, if you want to say water power in Japanese, it becomes suiryoku even though the word ( Full Answer )

What does the Japanese word 'sake' mean?

Sake is the name of a very popular wine made from fermented rice. Sake originated in Japan and is still extremely popular there and throughout the world primarily in Japanese restaurants.

What does the last name soto mean?

The last name Soto means "grove", as in a grove of trees, or forest, as in...a forest. Glad I could help! -CSoto

What does the Japanese word kyasuto mean?

I believe the Japanese word is キャスト (kya-su-to) which is Cast is English. If this does not work with your text from which you got the romaji or the sentence does not make sense then perhaps you misspelled the romaji. Remember that lines over vowels makes longer vowels, which can ( Full Answer )

What are some words in Japanese and what do they mean?

Remember that there are no spaces in Japanese language so somewords may appear long but are actually just smaller wordscombined.* konnichiwa- hi ogenkidesuka- how are you hajimemashite-pleased to meet you douitashimashite- your welcome ( the o can also appear with anaccent with no u after) ariga ( Full Answer )

What does the Japanese word kirin mean?

The Kirin is a legendary Asian creature similar to the Western unicorn. It is said to look like a horse, with the tail of a lion and golden scales on its body. It has golden fiery manes and a head looking like a cross between horse and dragon. It has a single horn on its forehead in most depictions. ( Full Answer )

What does the Japanese word su mean?

酢 is vinegar. 酢昆布 = すこんぶ = sukonbu is a popular snack of pickled seaweed that comes in a package about the same size as a pack of Wrigley's chewing gum.

What does the Japanese word 'go' mean?

This could refer to any number of things, depending on the context.for example: . go (五) = 5 . go (碁) = the game by that name . -go (語) = a suffix indicating a language

What does the word hanesuki mean in Japanese?

The quickest thing that comes to mind is "feather love" , " wing gap" Most Japanese words, especially compound words are impossible to precisely define without specifying what kanji they are written with, as ay different written words could sound just the same thing.

What is the Japanese word meaning repel?

Kanji: 弾く - Kana: はじく - Romaji: hajiku Kanji: 避ける - Kana: さける - Roamji: sakeru [meaning: to ward off, to avoid, to repel]

What does the Japanese word kun mean?

'kun' is an honorific used mostly for young males, and people ofsame or lower status. (roughly could mean 'Mr.', 'Master')

How do the word kaze mean in Japanese?

The meaning of 'kaze' is entirely dependent upon it's contextual use, but the two meanings for it are 風邪 (kaze) which is used for "cold" (like the illness) or chills and 風 (kaze) which means "wind" or "breeze".

What does the Japanese word kuso mean?

'Kuso' is a somewhat vulgar Japanese expression that the filters will not allow me to translate, but is similiar to "feces" or "damn." It can be attached to other phrases to add emphasis, like 'kuso atsui,' or "damn hot."

What does the Japanese word houjin mean?

Depending on where it is used 'houjin' can have several meanings. 'Fellow countryman, compatriot' , 'a Japanese native or resident' , 'corporation person, corporate body' , 'square formation' are among its meanings.

What does the Japanese word Raditz mean?

I assume you are referring to the Japanese anime/manga show called Dragonball Z. I'm about 95% sure that the name Raditz means radish. This makes sence because in a way, Raditz does sound like radish, and Kakarot (Goku) means carrot, and Vegeta is vegetable. And just if you're wondering, Nappa means ( Full Answer )

What does the Japanese word nami mean?

The word 'nami' has several meanings, but commonly is "wave," as in the waves of the ocean. It can be written: 波 The noun nami in Japanese means "wave" in English.

What does the Japanese word nanite mean?

"Nanitte" is difficult to translate out of context, but it could mean: . "What I was saying was..." . "If you were asking what I was doing, I was..." . "What'd you say?"

What is the meaning of the Japanese word mocha?

There is no such word. If you mean 'mucha' or 'mecha' then: むちゃ /mu cha/ means 'unreasonable, absurd'. メカ /me ka/ is a term used to refer to anything mechanical, also and specially anime in which there are robots or vehicles or fighting gadgets of such similarity. In Englis ( Full Answer )

What does the Japanese word for habachi mean?

Actually, Habachi, when translated to English is "The Plectrum." A plectrum is a small thin device (of metal or plastic or ivory) used to pluck a stringed instrument. If you were looking for the food it is Hibachi. The word itself means brazier. So, when referring to the type of food, it is cooked ( Full Answer )

What does Japanese word Dai mean?

It could have lots of meanings. Most commonly its just a 'counter', you could say it means 'number' in English. 'Dai ichi', could mean '.... number one', where just about anything could go in the blank. Another common usage of 'dai' is as an affix. It suggests 'largeness, intensity, etc'. 'Mondai' ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the Japanese word wan?

Depending on the Kanji, it can refer to a type of soup bowl, or it can mean bay. It is also the onomatopoeic expression for the sound of a dog barking.

What does Japanese word samidare mean?

五月雨 /sa mi da re/ means 'rain in early summer'. The kanji it consists of, respectively mean 'five', 'month' and 'rain'.

What do the Japanese words Do and Jitsu mean?

Separately, 'do' can be 度 [counter for degrees, counter for times/frequency] and 土 [meaning 'earth, soil', in general, read 'tsuchi' when alone, and read 'do' in compound nouns like 'doyoubi' (Saturday) and it can be abbreviation for Saturday]. 'Jitsu' alone, means 'truth, reality'. If y ( Full Answer )

What is the Japanese word meaning survivors?

生存者 /sei zon sha/ means 'survivor(s)' in Japanese. You can also say 生き延びる人 /i ki no bi ru hi to/ [ lit: one(s) who survive(s)/will survive].

What does the Japanese word geta mean?

下駄 /ge ta/ is a Japanese slipper, similar to a flip-flop, separated at the big toe, but it is made of wood and usually has two heel-like bars under it. It's a traditional footwear used mostly by men in the past.

What is the Japanese word meaning Pikachu?

The Japanese word meaning Pikachu is Pikachuu. The word was made-up for Pokemon and has no other meaning. With it being so iconic for the Brand it remained practically the same when brought to the English language.

What does the Japanese word decca mean?

If you mean 'dekka' it is a variant of 'dekai' which is an exclamation more commonly heard from younger folk with less emphasis on proper pronunciation.

What does the Japanese word puni mean?

For what I here, "puni" basically comes from Puni Puni Poemy. In the Super Mario series the word "Puni" is a pun on the word "puny", meaning "small".

What does the word shikaku mean in Japanese?

The word 'shikaku' can have many meanings, all depending on the kanji used to write the word. Without seeing the Kanji, I cannot tell you for certain which context of 'shikaku' you're referring to. However, possibilities include: square, qualifications, blind spot, sense of sight, and assassin.