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cristian church! yer the religon is Asembely of God

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What groups have Kevin Jonas been in?

The Jonas Brothers and his Church Choir The Jonas Brothers and his Church Choir

Were do the Jonas Brothers attend church?

The Jonas Brothers don't attend church. I mean, can you imagine if the Jonas Brothers walked into your church? Their dad is a pastor, so they probably have their own church services.

What church does the Jonas Brothers attend?

The Jonas Brothers go to Gateway church in Southlake, TX

Do the Jonas Brothers go to church?

Yes, the Jonas Brothers DO go to Church. Their religion is Anglican Christian.

Are the Jonas Brothers morman?

No. The Jonas Brothers are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" Church).

Are the Jonas Brothers a chistian?

Yes, the Jonas Brothers are Christian. They go to church every Sunday they said.

What was the Joe's dads job?

He used to be a minister where the Jonas Brothers' attended church. Now he manages the Jonas Brothers.

What religion is the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brthers were raised Christians in the Pentacostal Church.

What is the Jonas brothers true love?

going to church

How are the Jonas brothers Christian?

they were baptised in a christian church

Where does Kevin Jonas Sr work?

He is the Jonas Brothers' manager. He used to be a pastor at a church.

Where did the Jonas Brothers parents meet?

They met through church. Mr. Jonas was a minister, while Mrs. Jonas sang in the church choral group. The church was located in Teaneck, New Jersey.

What day do the Jonas Brothers go to church?

Most people go to church on Sunday. Although the Jonas Brothers have a very busy schedule. They go when they have any bit of free time.

Who is the father of the Jonas Brothers?

His name is Kevin, and he is a pastor of a church His name is Kevin Jonas, Sr.

Where do the Jonas Brothers go to church?

they used to have a church in new jersey but i dont know now.

Are the Jonas Brothers both Catholic and Christian?

The Jonas Brothers are not Catholic. They are Protestant, and were raised in evangelical Christianity. In fact, their father was a pastor in the Assemblies of God Church.

How did the Jonas Brothers come up that name?

Their last name is Jonas and they are brothers... Jonas, Brothers, Jonas Brothers.

Are Jonas Brothers brothers?

the jonas brothers are real brothers

Are the Jonas Brothers called the Lucas and Jonas Brothers in Jonas?

No. In the show they are the Lucas Brothers. Their Band name in the show is JONAS, but they are not called the Jonas Brothers.

What was Jonas Brothers originally?

The Jonas Brothers are Brothers!!! Their name before they chose the name the Jonas Brothers was gonna be Sons of Jonas

Where did the Jonas Brothers get the name Jonas Brothers?

well there last name is Jonas and they are brothers

Is Nick Jonas a Christian?

The Jonas Brothers are Christians. Their father Paul Kevin Jonas Sr. was a Church Ministerin their hometown of Wyckoff, New Jersey.Yes

Why were the Jonas Brothers born in different cities?

their parents were traveling with a church singing group

What type of Christian are the Jonas Brothers?

They're Evangelistic :] Not quite sure their church tho.

Who will host teen choice awards 2009?

Jonas brothersJonas brothers Jonas brothersTHE AMAZING UNBELIEVABLY TALENTED JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!

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