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The Kentucky Derby is famous as it is considered one of the most prestigious horse races in America. The Kentucky Derby is held at the Churchill Downs race track.

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Q: What is the Kentucky Derby famous for?
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Related questions

What US state holds the famous Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is held annually in the state of Kentucky.

What makes Kentucky famous?

The Kentucky derby

What is Louisville Kentucky famous for?

The Kentucky Derby.

What are the most famous horsesof the Kentucky Derby?

Aristedes who was the very winner of the Kentucky derby!

Why is Kentucky most famous for horses?

The Kentucky Derby

What are some famous sights in Kentucky?

The running of the Kentucky Derby.

Where was the Kentucky Derby held?

Churchill Downs was where the Kentucky Derby always has been held. The historic, world-famous racetrack is located in Louisville, Kentucky. As of 2010, it has been the site of 136 runnings of the world-famous Derby.

Is the Kentucky Derby held in Kentucky?

Yes, the Kentucky Derby is held in Kentucky. It's held at the Churchill Downs racetrack in Louisville. The 2010 Derby represents the 136th running of the world-famous race.

Is Kentucky most famous for?

their derby race at churchill

Which famous horse race takes place in Kentucky?

It is the Kentucky Derby.

What is the most famous horse racing park in Kentucky?

the Kentucky derby

What is a famous horse race beginning with k?

the Kentucky Derby

What is the drink made famous by the Kentucky Derby?

The Mint Julep.

What kind of sports are in Kentucky?

A sport that is in kentucky is horse racing. There are over 500 farms in Kentucky alone, and many famous races such as the Kentucky Derby.

Which famous horse race is run at Louisville?

The Kentucky Derby, for one.

What is the name of the track used for the Kentucky Derby?

Churchill Downs is the name of the track that's used for the Kentucky Derby. It's located in Louisville, Kentucky. It has been the site of the world-famous race since 1875.

What state has a city that is famous for the race derby held every year?


What is Louisville famous for?

The Super Bowl of Horse Racing called the Kentucky Derby.

Which state hosts the most famous horse race?

Kentucky. The Kentucky Derby is run the 1st Saturday in May at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Where was the first Kentucky Derby held?

The Louisville Jockey Club Course was where the first Kentucky Derby was held. That was the original name of the Churchill Downs racetrack, where the Derby still is being held. Whatever the name, the world-famous grounds are located in Louisville, Kentucky.

What state has the most famous horse race?

i would say probably the Kentucky derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky

When was Kentucky Derby created?

Kentucky Derby was created in 1875.

Where is the Kentucky Derby held?

The Kentucky Derby is held annually in Louisville, Kentucky.

What is the most famous horse race in the US?

That would most likely be the Kentucky derby, Part of the Triple Crown, in Louisville Kentucky.

At which stadium is the Kentucky Derby held?

Churchill Downs is the racetrack at which the Kentucky Derby is held. The world-famous race always has been held at that location in Louisville, Kentucky. The original name of the racetrack was the Louisville Jockey Club Course.