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The knocking noise could be one of several things. The wheel bearing, a worn steering or suspension part, or road debris could be causing the noise.

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Q: What is the Knocking noise under front side while driving?
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What causes a knocking noise under the hood of your car?

it could be your valves or your engine

Why does your truck make a knocking noise while its in gear at slow speeds?

is this a 4x4 solid front axle.your front axle shaft u-joints may be bad.get under the front axle between the wheel and the end of your axle tube grab the u-joint and see if it has play.this is most common knocking on solid axle trucks

What would cause a loud knocking sound under the front left side of your Why would the front end of your car clunk with general driving and when going over bumps?

Most likely you need a new strut

What is the loud tapping and or knocking noise under the hood when the car is started and shakes when you drive it?

Serious engine knock or valve train noise. Have this looked into by a pro.

What makes the rattling noise under driver's feet when driving over bumps?

The sway bar end links could be damaged on a vehicle that is making that noise. Also, check the dust shields on the front brake assembly.Ê

96 Olds aurora wont start clicking noise from under the front panel.?

If the 1996 Olds Aurora will not start and there is a clicking noise from under the front panel, check the starter. The clicking noise is probably from the starter solenoid.

What would cause a knocking noise on the front end under side of a Chrysler cirrus 1996 when riding over bumps on the road?

Loose, worn, broken tie rods, sway bar links, struts, ball joints,.......

What would cause a loud knocking sound under the front right side when going over speed bumps?

possibly hitting the front bumper

What could cause a knocking noise from under the drivers side floor board on a Chevy Blazer?

Loose Lug nuts bad control arm...

How do you tell how big a camshaft is?

look under your car, drop the oil and go out and drive it for about 5 minutes then listenin to the loud noise of the knocking cam

What causes a knocking noise in a 2000 trans am engine?

In some of GM's engins they put under sized bearing, try using an Ac oil filter.

Why is there a squeaking noise when driving slow under your beetle 2000?

There might be a squeaking noise when driving slow in your 2000 Beetle because your suspension needs to be replaced. The squeaking can also come from the universal joint.

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