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What is the Knocking noise under front side while driving?


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The knocking noise could be one of several things. The wheel bearing, a worn steering or suspension part, or road debris could be causing the noise.

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it could be your valves or your engine

is this a 4x4 solid front axle.your front axle shaft u-joints may be bad.get under the front axle between the wheel and the end of your axle tube grab the u-joint and see if it has play.this is most common knocking on solid axle trucks

If the 1996 Olds Aurora will not start and there is a clicking noise from under the front panel, check the starter. The clicking noise is probably from the starter solenoid.

The sway bar end links could be damaged on a vehicle that is making that noise. Also, check the dust shields on the front brake assembly.Ê

look under your car, drop the oil and go out and drive it for about 5 minutes then listenin to the loud noise of the knocking cam

There might be a squeaking noise when driving slow in your 2000 Beetle because your suspension needs to be replaced. The squeaking can also come from the universal joint.

In some of GM's engins they put under sized bearing, try using an Ac oil filter.

Overheating. Getting a thing called pre-ignition. This is when the engine fires on a cylender before the sparkplug is suppose to fire.

AnswerNoises have to be heard to correctly diagnoise. TAke it to a garage. But a good place to look for a noise when the driveline is under torque ( accel and turning) would be the CV axles.

something might be lose under the hood u might want to get that checked out there could be something wrong with ur car how good is its condition

I had a problem similar to this in my '93. I took the wheel off, and looked at the shield on the engine side of the brake rotor. Turns out, it had gotten bent and was rubbing against the brake rotor and sounded like it was knocking at low speeds. Just get some needle noise pliers, a rag, and a hammer, and gently try and bend the shield back. Use the rag under the hammer so you don't dent up the shield.

Usually a "knocking" or "ticking" noise when under acceleration means cheap fuel grade. Next time go for the gas with more octane such as supreme.

it depends on what kind of loud noise, a knocking noise, a grinding noise, a chatter. if you can tell me what kind of noise i can help if your car is a manual transmisison and the noise you are talking about is a "growl" when under load then it is most likely worn bearings on the input shaft to the transmision. Well if the loud noise in only during acceleration, and has no noticeable effect on the cars driving, then it is most likely a hole in your exhaust. I have a 91 325ic and It had a loud accelerating noise, but when i plugged the hole and the harsh noise ceased. There are plenty of ways to plug holes for free just find one and try it and if it works..great!

When it makes that noise it is either because your reving it to high or just because your engine is goin

i have also a knocking noise on my Fiesta st 2008 and have discovered that it is the handbrake cable underneath the car between the heat shield and body of under center of where your handbrake is.The heat shield will have to be removed as what happens normally the hand brake cable comes loose and rattles against the heat shield when accelerating & deceleration... really annoying!

Knocking boots is an old western term for having sex. Derived from both he and she stripping down and slipping their boots under the bed which sometimes made a "knocking" noise. Sometimes the boots are/were left on during sex and the boots would knock during all the action.

Check the strut or the C-V (Constant Velocity) joint if the noise is in the front. Stablizer link or ball joint would also be points of concern. possibly check the outer tie rods

The air conditioners intake it under the passenger side dash all the way in the front. Some times receipts or plastic bags can get sucked up there and cause the noise. -Gary

Check for: worn/seized front end parts & possible driveshaft issues

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