What is the Lasik eye surgeon's salary?

Lasik costs about US 2500 each eye. A well advertised practice with one ophthalmologist gets on average 25 lasik operations a week (not sure whether each of the 25 operations consists of operating on one eye or both eyes). So at minimum, this lasik eye surgeon gets 3.125 million a year.

Considering he also does cataracts, and other services, it is more likely to be double that.

He hires an optometrist (100k a year) , a nurse (70k a year) , and a lasik technician (65k a year).

the lasik laser costs about 500k. malpractice costs about 80k a year. the rent should be about 200k a year.

so the profit is at least 2.11 million a year. although its more likely to be double that due to other services offered. Now if he pays tax properly, he should be left with about 1.4 million. but most likely, he invests his money in real estate or business, thus saving most of his earning from tax.