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The element antimony has an atomic number of 51, and a chemical symbol of 'Sb', to honor its known origins in the ancient, classical Latin and earlier, ancient, classical Greek languages. For its equivalents are the Latin 'Stibium', and the Greek 'Stimmi' and 'Stibi'. Most likely, an even earlier form started out as a loan word from Arabic or Egyptian. For the word existed in the even more ancient Egyptian language as 'msdmt'. Either way, the Latin 'Stibium' carried the meaning of mark. For it was used for dyeing the eyebrows, and as an eye-salve, by the ancient Romans.

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The Latin word for antimony was stibium, meaning mark.

antimony comes from the latin word called stibium

the latin word for the element Antimony is stibium ; (Sb).

stibium is the latin name for antiomony.

It is from the Latin word: Stibnium

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antimony Sb is from Latin: stibium

The name for the element antimony originates from the Greek words anti and monos meaning "opposed to solitude.

The Latin name, from which the chemical symbol was derived, was stibnium.

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The element we know as antimony has the chemical symbol Sb, and this comes from the old Latin name for the substance, which is stibium. A link can be found below.It used to be known as Kohl, an ancient cosmetic.

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