What is the Latin meaning of 'antimony'?

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The element antimony has an atomic number of 51, and a chemical symbol of 'Sb', to honor its known origins in the ancient, classical Latin and earlier, ancient, classical Greek languages. For its equivalents are the Latin 'Stibium', and the Greek 'Stimmi' and 'Stibi'. Most likely, an even earlier form started out as a loan word from Arabic or Egyptian. For the word existed in the even more ancient Egyptian language as 'msdmt'. Either way, the Latin 'Stibium' carried the meaning of mark. For it was used for dyeing the eyebrows, and as an eye-salve, by the ancient Romans.
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Is antimony radioactive?

Naturally, antimony is not radioactive because it has two stableisotopes. However, there are also about 20 known radioactiveantimony isotopes that can be used for commercial purposes such astracers.

What is antimony?

Antimony is a chemical element in the periodic table, with theatomic number 51 and the symbol Sb.

Is antimony a metal?

Yes, Antimony is a metal and it's symbol is Sb. IT IS A METALLOID STUDYISLAND

Where is Antimony?

Antimony is located in the United States. It is a small town thatis located in the state of Utah.

What does the Latin word benevolent mean?

Actually that is an English word; the Latin form was originally "benevolens." bene = good volens = wanting So it means, "wanting good." . Acually I am a different person that improved this answer and benevolent is a Latin word.

What does can mean in Latin?

Depending on how the question is intended, one or more of the following answers may be relevant: 1 . the word can does not exist in Latin. But canis does exist, whose meaning is "dog" and can in Spanish with the same meaning in Latin. 2 . the Latin equivalent for the English auxiliary ( Full Answer )

What is the Latin word for honor and what does it mean in Latin?

There are actually a few words for honor (that I can find; there's probably more that I haven't come across). Here are some words for honor, and there meanings.. honor, honoris [noun, 3rd, masc.] honor, respect/regard, mark of esteem, reward, dignity/grace, public office. decus, decoris [noun, 3rd ( Full Answer )

Who invented antimony?

Antimony has been in use since the ancient Egyptian's used one itsminerals, stibnite (Sb2S3) as black eyeliner up to 5000 years ago.Roman author Pliny described how heating this mineral formed whathe called lead. We now know that this was actually antimony.

What is Antimony used for?

Antimony compounds are principally used as fire retardants, and its alloys are useful. An emerging application is the use of antimony in microelectronics.

Is antimony a compound?

no its not. Antimony is a pure element. Antimony is also a semimetal. (Semimetal is a class of elements.) You can find out more about Antimony here.. Antimony: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-antimony.htm

Is antimony a liquid?

Antimony is an element, so it has to have a liquid phase. it meltsat 630 degrees Celsius, so it's a solid at room temperature, but itcan be a liquid under certain circumstances.

How did antimony get its name?

The name for the element antimony comes from the Greek words 'anti'and 'monos', meaning not alone. This element has the atomic numberof 51 on the periodic table.

What is the meaning of a in Latin?

A/Ab is a prefix. Its meaning from, away, or away from. By the way there are articles in Latin but less than in English. In English there is a,an and the.

Where was antimony discoverd?

Antimony sulfide was used cosmetically by Egyptians in 3100 BC. Ithas been found in Iraqi artifacts nearly as far back. Antimonywould not be isolated until 1540 by Italian metallurgist VannoccioBiringuccio

What group is antimony in?

It's in the metalloid group. Antimony (Sb) is a chemical element, a metalloid placed in the group 15 and period 5 of the periodic table of Mendeleev.

What are facts about antimony?

antimony is found in over 100 minerals. antimony, the chemical element with the symbol Sb and atomic number 51

What does it mean to be Latin?

To be of Latin (Romanic) origin - the ethnic sense, with Latin ancestors; to speak a Latin (Romanic) language, derived from Latin.

What is the charge of antimony?

The nuclear charge of antimony (Sb) is 51. The nuclear charge of anatom corresponds to the number of protons in an atom, given by theatomic number.

Is antimony in eyeshadow?

yes, there is antimony in eye shadow and not to mention lead. sorry to break it to ya hon!

Is antimony toxic?

the answer is infact, yes it is toxic!. Antimony is a non-essential element in humans, animals and plants. Its toxicity highly depends upon chemical form and oxidation state with +III compounds exerting greater toxicity than +V compounds. Antimony compounds show toxic properties similar to those of ( Full Answer )

What is the Latin phrase that means 'by means'?

Via EDIT: Via (long a) could be used for "by the road", and could be taken figuratively for 'by means' However, much more common is the English phrase "by means of smthg " is simply shown by using the ablative. He killed him by means of a sword = interficit eum gladio.

What is antimony named after?

The name for the element antimony originates from the Greek words anti and monos meaning "opposed to solitude.

What are facts antimony?

Antimony is an element that is metallic and can be found in fourallotropic forms. It is used to make flame proof things like paintand battery plates.

What is the valency of antimony?

The valency of antimony is 5. This is because antimony is in GroupV of the periodic table. Being a part of that group means that ithas 5 valence electrons.

What is the hardness of antimony?

Antimony is an element with the chemical symbol Sb and atomicnumber of 51. Its hardness on the Mohs scale is 3 - 3. 5.

What language is antimony from?

It came from medieval Latin antimonium , but where that word came from is a bit of a mystery; there are possible etymologies tracing back to French, Arabic, or Greek and it's not known for certain which is the true source.

What does tu es mean in Latin?

Tu es in french translates to latin as just 'es'. In latin I am is just sum; ego sum is tautological. Similarly 'you(singular) are' is not written 'tu es'.

What does venis mean in latin?

"Venis" means "You Come". "Venis" comes from the 4th Conjugation Verb, Venio , which means "To Come". Four Principle Parts of Venio : Veniō, Venīre, Vēnī, Ventum. The Present Tense Conjugation of Venio: Singular 1st Person: Venio (I come) 2nd Person: ( Full Answer )

Is invictus a latin word and what does it mean?

Invictus means "unbound" in Latin. The famous Roman feast Sol Invictus means the Unbound Sun and refers to the Winter solstice when the hours of daylight began to increase again.

What does Romani mean in Latin?

The word Roma in Latin means Rome. I mean like who doesn't know that. It says it in the name. Common sense!

What does servi mean in latin?

Servus, in Latin means: The slave. Servi, however, means the plural of the slave, so, Servi means: The slaves

What does bene soror mean in latin?

Soror is "sister" and bene is the adverb "well ." These do not combine to form a grammatical phrase in Latin, though they may occur together as part of a larger unit, for example the sentence Bene soror mea Latine loquitur , "My sister speaks Latin well."

Natalem latin what does it mean?

Natalem is a form of natalis , an adjective meaning "natal, having to do with birth," which can be used as a masculine noun meaning "birthday." Specifically, it's the accusative singular, the form used as the object of a verb or of certain prepositions.

What does the latin word nota mean?

As a noun, nota means "a mark, sign, or note." As a verb, it's the singular imperative of notare , "to mark," and is most commonly encountered in the phrase nota bene , "mark well," meaning "be sure to take note."

What does the latin word callide mean?

Depends. It's most likely an adjective that means skilfully or cunningly, but it could also be the vocative singular of "callidus", meaning clever, skilful or cunning.

Latin meaning for you will conquer all?

Vinces omnia . ( Vincetis when speaking to more than one person; omnes when "all" means "all people" rather than "all things.")

What does February mean in Latin?

"The month of expiation." It took its name from a festival of purification and expiation known as Februa , which was held on the 15th of the month.

What does Latin America name mean?

I'm not sure whether this question is asking "What does 'America' mean in Latin?" or "What does 'Latin America' mean?" What does 'America' mean in Latin? "America" doesn't really mean anything in Latin; the name was coined based on the name of the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci, who visited ( Full Answer )

Is antimony flammable?

Quite the opposite - one of its compounds, antimony trioxide, is used as a flame retardant.

What are the toxins in antimony?

Antimony is an element, so the only substance that can be found in it is antimony. Antimony is itself a toxin.

Does antimony reacts?

Yes it does. It can react with many things, such as Oxygen to form Antimony Trioxide (Sb 2 O 3 )

What is the Latin word for jubilant and what does it mean in Latin?

I doubt there is a direct translation for jubilant (see paragraph below for why), but you could say " laetissimus" (pronounced light-iss-im-uss) , the superlative of " Laetus ", which means happy. Being the superlative, " laetissimus" means very happy. English is a somewhat unusual language in ( Full Answer )

Why is antimony a metalloid?

Antimony is a metalloid because it possesses qualities of metals and non-metals such as: a hard, extremely brittle, lustrous, silver-white, crystalline material.

What does Latin mean in Latin America?

It means it's the part of America where they speak Latin languages.Latin languages spawned from or are closely relate-able to Latin.For example Spanish and Portuguese.

What is antimony What is boron?

Elements. Both are some of the elements used as dopants in the making ofsemiconductor devices.