What is the Latin translation for the word 'photo'?

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Answer Many words in the English language come to us from Latin or Ancient Greek. "Photo" is derived from Greek - the Greek word "phos" means "light." The word "graph" also comes from a Greek word meaning "to draw." A Photograph is therefore a drawing made with light. We often shortern the word "photograph" to "photo." The latin word for "light" is "lux."
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What is the Latin translation for the word live in Latin?

In Latin, the word life is "vita", and to live, as a verb, is translated as "vivere". Another verb for for live is "habitare" which means to live as in inhabit or dwell. If you mean 'alive' as an adjective (opposed to dead), it's 'vivus'.

What is the Latin translation for the word speed in Latin?

There is more than one word for speed (in fact, there are a lot). Here are a few: 1. curro, currere, cucurri, cursus [VERB, 3rd conj.] to hasten/hurry/speed/quickly 2. celeritas, celeritatis [NOUN, feminine, 3rd decl.] speed, quickness, rapidity, haste 3. adcelero, adcelerare, adceleravi, a ( Full Answer )

What is the Latin translation for the word move in Latin?

Well I do not know the specific definition. But right now I can just tell you that the closest I can get is portare, which is carry. Answer2: The closest I would know is the word moveo. Moveo along with other related meanings means 'to move'

What is the Latin translation for the word jade in Latin?

Jade was not in common use in Rome and no single word describes it.. The nearest translation seems to be " lapis nephriticus" which means Kidney Stone (it was once thought jade was good for the kidneys)

What is the Latin translation for the word aggressive in Latin?

I wasn't 100% sure about the latin verb (from which aggressive has been derived).... aggredior : to go to, approach, address, attack. It's part of the deponent verbs (this means more or less that they have a passive declination form... but their meaning is active... i.e. as if "I have been seen" w ( Full Answer )

What is Latin translation for the word harmony in Latin?

There are multiple words for harmony, the right one depends on context. pax, pacis - peace, harmony consensus - agreement, consent, harmony constantia - perseverance, harmony concentus - harmony, concord harmonia - harmony, concord, melody

What is the Latin translation for the word joint in Latin?

Your question is a bit unclear, as you have not indicated how you want to use the word "joint." However, I'll lay out a few different ways in which it could be translated into Latin:. If you are referring to the noun joint, as in your finger joint, the most common Latin noun is articulus. In Latin, ( Full Answer )

What is the Latin translation for the word Paladin in Latin?

No matches for "paladin." fero tuli latum means to bring, infit means "he". quisnam means "who". And lumen means "light".. Based on my unproffesional opinion, I would say " infit quisnam fero tuli latums lumen" means "he who brings light", or paladin.

What is the Latin translation for the word child in Latin?

Do you mean the Latin translation of the English word child? Liberi, liberorum/liberum (usually used in the plural). Not to be confused with the adjective liber, libera, liberum (free), the noun liber, libri (book), or the nouns libertus, liberti (freedman) and liberta, libertae (freedwoman).

What is the word translator in Latin?

Resor? Reddo: to give back. Suffix 'tor' to convert verb 'reddo' to a noun meaning 'one who gives back'. Root 'red-' + suffix 'tor' = 'resor'. See 'video' to 'visor'.

What is the latin translation for the word phantom?

Originally the term was imago or idolum; later (after the time of Augustus) the word phantasma came into use. Of these, only imago is a native Latin word; the other two were borrowed from Greek.

What is the latin translation for the word for tiny?

The latin word for small/tiny is parva, -us, -um. If you were talking about a boy you would say, the boy is, "parvus". If you were saying something about a neuter thing (i.e. a table, or a rock) you would say that table is very parvum. I hope this helped! - Juliette

What is the latin translation of the word Bible?

Biblia. The best-known, and now standard, Latin translation is called the Vulgate (in Latin, Biblia Vulgata ). It was written by Jerome around A.D. 385-404. There are a number of surviving manuscripts of earlier translations now collectively known by the name "Old Latin."

Translate Latin word deo?

Deo is either the dative singular or ablative singular form of the word for "god," deus . How it is translated depends on the context. Gloria in excelsis Deo . "Glory to God in the highest." Deo volente. " God willing." Deum de Deo . "God from God ."

Latin translation for the word evil?

As a noun: . Malum (- i , n.): evil, misfortune, misdeed, crime, injury, damage . Scelus (- eris , n.): crime, sin, evil deed, wickedness As an adjective: . Malus (- a , - um ): bad, wicked, evil . Nefarius (- a , - um ): wicked, evil, immoral, abominable . Pravus (- a , - um ): depra ( Full Answer )

What is the latin translation of the word they?

You can say illi or ei . (If the "they" in question are all female, illae or eae ). The forms ei and eae would be more appropriate if you are referring to people who have already been mentioned in the current discussion.

What is the Latin translation for the word in in Latin?

The Latin word for 'in' is just simply the same word: 'in'. This can also mean 'on'. Note that the preposition "in" in Latin can be paired with and object of the preposition in either the accusative OR ablative case. When used with an accusative case noun, the meaning is "into", when used with an ( Full Answer )

What is the Latin translation for the word from in Latin?

There are three Latin prepositions (two having alternative forms) that can be translated "from": . 'ab' ('a' or 'abs') - "The fundamental signification of ab is departure from some fixed point"* . 'ex' ('e') - "denotes out from the interior of a thing"* . 'de' - "denotes the going out, d ( Full Answer )

What is the Latin translation for the word hate?

The verb "to hate" is odisse . This is one of a number of odd Latin verbs that use the forms of the perfect tense to convey a present meaning. The forms that can be translated with English "hate" are . odi - "I hate" . odisti - "you (singular) hate" . odimus - "we hate" . odistis - "you ( ( Full Answer )

How do you translate words to Latin?

It's a multi-step process. First you need to understand the meaning of what you're translating. For example, WikiAnswers often gets questions like "how do you translate 'will' into Latin?", but there's no single answer because the English word 'will' can mean different things. It can be a marker ( Full Answer )

What Latin translation for the word the in Latin?

Technically, there is no article "the" in Latin, as such is implied in the noun itself. For example, when in English you would have to say "the man" or "a man" to be grammatically correct, the same is not true in Latin--there are no definite or indefinite articles, for they are replaced by suffixe ( Full Answer )