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What is the Latin translation of Energy first?


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Energia ante omnia.

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The latin translation for the word energy is Impigritás or Vigor or Incítátío.

the Latin translation is testudio

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the Latin translation of success is successus.

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The most commly know latin translation is the Vulgate by Jerome. There were earliar translation of scripture in the old Latin, some time before Jerome. The Scriptures were widely available throughout the Italian peninsula going back to the end of the first century and shortly thereafter, copies started to appear in Latin.

The latin translation of "It is finished." is "Consummatum est".

The Latin translation for Brass is Orichalcum.

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What is the Latin translation for"Honour is Forever"

The first Latin translation of the Bible is known as the Vulgate. It was translated from the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.

The Latin equivalent of the word 'first' is primus. That's the masculine form of the adjective. Latin words show gender. The feminine form is prima. The neuter form is primum.

The Latin translation for the word Grow is Crescere or Glíscere.

The Latin translation for the word migrate as a verb is migrare.

Sorry, there is no latin translation, try your last name.

Navigo is first conjugation Latin, the translation being "I am sailing." Latin verbs come with tense and person indicators, telling you who (I, you, he/she/it, we, you all, they) does it and when.

The latin translation for "non profit" is non ususfructus.

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