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What is the Legal age in AK State for a minor child to be left home alone without a legal guardian?


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The state of Alaska does not have a latchkey law. This means there is no legal age at which a child can be left home alone. It is however not recommended that a child under age 12 be left alone without a parent or guardian present.


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You have to be legal guardian(18 years or older) to go alone , but if you are younger, a legal guardian MUST take you.

Children in the state of Illinois can not be left home alone until the age of 14. When a child is left at home without an adult caretaker in Illinois, the parents or guardian can be charged with child endangerment.

What is the legal age in NJ for children to be left alone overnight?

In the state of Georgia, the legal age to be "home alone" is 19.

This varies depending on the state in which you are licensed.

I would have to guess here, but I believe the age is 13. I would check local laws, curfew restrictions, and the local police department. They would probably know the answer.

17 is legal age in the state of Michigan.

No, the legal age of majority for the state of Nebraska is 19.

Well no. I do not know about UK but in most places you are officialy an adult when you turn 18. So 21 would be a legal age to live alone or without a parent or guardian.

He/She can not live in Texas without any neighbor or any Parent/Guardian .

The legal age a child can live alone in the state of Indiana is 18 years. Once you are 18, you are considered an adult.

17 and up can go alone. 16 and under must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

There is no law in the state of Indiana which places a legal minimum age at which a kid can be left home alone. The minimum age ranges from 8 to 14 in other states.

Alone without a guardian, probably 16 or 18, but with a parent there about any age over 12.

Of course not! It's not even legal to disect humans/cats/dogs without clearence let alone vivisect.

In the state of Illinois, the legal age to stay home alone is age fourteen. Any parent that has a child under the age of fourteen who is left home alone will be charged with abandonment.

You cannot drive alone with a learners permit in any state. That is the main purpose of a learners permit, so that you can be educated and get hands on training behind the wheel under the supervision of your legal guardian before taking on the road solo, at age 16. good question though! it never hurts to ask right?

I believe in this situation England has the same laws as the US in which police cannot question anyone under the age of 18 alone however, a 17 year old may give consent to be questioned without a guardian present, anyone younger cannot be questioned whatsoever without a guardian.

In New Zealand, a child must be 14 years of age, to be left alone without an adult looking after

I think, if they're not alone for more than a few minutes.

No . you can't because it is not advisable to go swimming at the age of 12 alone without no parent or guardian except you are 15 above that is the only way you can go swimming alone.

No you have to have your parent, legal guardian, or drivers ed teacher with you that possesses a drivers license and is over the age of 21.

Im not sure what the laws in WA are, but in NYS its actually the age that they can be able to call and communicate properly with 911 if necissary, can recite where the parents are, and can recite their home address. No kidding, this is actually how it is interperated; there is no actual age requirement in the law. Legal Age There are very few states in the U.S. with legal minimum ages for children home alone, but many state agencies have published guidelines. Georgia, Illiniois, Maryland and Oregon are a few of the states with specific ages mentioned in their laws.12 years of age appears to be the most common recommendation. Below in Related Links is an article entitled Home Alone Children Legal Age Limits which provides a state by state comparison with references.One guideline from a California child welfare representative suggests that 8 year olds and over can be left at home for a brief period of time (usually just after school).

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