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What is the Liability of homeowner acting as General contractor?


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Homeowners insurance does not have liability coverage for your job occupation. You can obtain contractors insurance for liability coverage.

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It depends. if they are sueing you for non payment and its ur fault then yes. but if the insurance company holds the money and th contractors sign a waiver lien then no. they do that just to intimidate you.

The answer is in the title. A contractor is typically a builder or trades person who signs an original document for an original project with a client to perform a constructive task. The "sub" contractor than signs a contract with the contractor(now the "general" contractor with the addition of sub-contract(s)). If the trades person signs their contract with the client, than the client is acting as the "general" and taking on all associated risks(depending on contract stipulations).

Did you hire a licensed contractor to do your work? In this jurisdiction, if you did not hire a licensed contractor, you are acting as your own contractor and you are responsible for workman's comp when your employee is hurt. It does not matter if the guy you hired brought along some of his buddies who also worked for you. If you hired a licensed contractor, the fact that he cut corners and did not have proper insurance does not absolve him of responsibility.

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Builders Risk - 1st Party coverage for a building under construction - covers the Property - building & materials. Contractors GL - Covers your exposure for causing Bodily Injury or Property Damage with exceptions. Covers you acting in your capacity as a contractor only, for example, kids playing on the job site fall in a uncovered trench. A GL policy would respond on your behalf. It would also respond to a claim such as one of your employees accidentally damages the plumbing in a building & causes water damage. Professional Liability covers professional services such as design work, site assessments & the like. Any contractor that does any sort of design work needs a Professional Liability policy in case they make design errors. The GL policy specifically excludes this.

Independent Contractor Notice(Download)You are acting as an independent contractor for ________________________. As an independent contractor, you should be aware of the following:1. At the conclusion of the tax year, a report will be sent to the Internal Revenue Service and other local authorities of the gross amount earned.2. No withholding of taxes takes place. You may have the obligation to pay periodic taxes or withholding towards the same. Please consult with a tax advisor of your choosing regarding the requirements. ________________________ cannot provide tax advice.3. Your Federal Tax ID Number is: __________________________, for reporting purposes.___________________ Date:Independent Contractor___________________CustomerI, the principal officer of Independent Contractor, do hereby indemnify Customer from any additional tax liability should the IRS rule that we were acting as employees or otherwise assess any taxes upon the Customer. This indemnity shall also apply to any state or local taxes that may be assessed against Customer. I make this indemnity both as the Independent Contractor and as an individual guarantor.___________________ ______________________Independent Contractor, Principal Principal as an IndividualSocial Security Number:___________________ Date:WitnessIndependent Contractor NoticeReview ListThis review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. This document protects the employer, in part, from IRS, State, and local assessments if the Contractor is found to not meet the then IRS standards for Contractor status. This puts the Contractor squarely on the hook for any assessments. Just as importantly, showing this document to an IRS, State, or local agent is apt to make them move on to another case or investigation since they are “after” companies not individuals. If they find that the “Contractor” must “pay up,” they are apt to move on to other corporations.1. Make multiple copies. Getting notarized copies is always a good idea since revenue agents tend to respect the legal niceties, and, remember, it is for them you are doing this.

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