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Are you sure that the lifters are creating the noise? I have had a 94 LE and a 99 CE Camry 4 cyl. and have had the same noise in the AC compressor. Dealer claimed it was the belts slapping the timing cover and wanted $1,200 to fix. I got the timing belt water pump and all tune up parts for $200 and did it myself. While the sound is still there I found out from a local mechanic that the toyo compressors have a bad habit of rattling like lifters. hope this helped.

AnswerIs it possible that it is time for a oil change?Sometimes a speck of dirt gets in the lifter[s] and that makes them act as solid lifters,thus the noise. ....
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Q: What is the Lifters on 1997 Toyota Camry LE V6 Engine is very noisy?
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How do you quiet noisy Toyota Corolla lifters?

Change the ones that are damaged. There are 16 total.

1990 Mazda 323 noisy lifters for a minute after cold starting it in the mornings Oil was changed once since I had it. Oil change did not cure the problem What can I do?

you can try adding "lucas engine oil additive: but pretty much all that is happing is the lifters are little noisy until the oil circulates thru engine and lifters, basically not much you can do about it

When should you get a tune up for your Toyota Camry 2005?

After 50.000 miles or so. Also if the car starts to use more fuel than is normal, or if the engine starts to lose power or if the engine starts to get too noisy.

How do you adjust the hydrolic lifters in your 95 ef 4.0l falcon?

There is no adjustment for hydraulic valve lifters. Lifters can be noisy on some of these models. After ascertaining there is no mechanical damage/broken parts, change engine oil and add 1/2 bottle of STP Oil Treatment (or more if necessary) until lifters are quieter.

What can be used to stop noisy lifters?

Seafoam Motor Treatment.

Why does lifters rap when you first start your 97 lumina ls but clears up until next morning when starting again?

While the engine is turned off the oil will drain from the top of the engine. The Lumina has hydraulic lifters and uses oil to move them. The lifters will "tap" until the oil builds up enough to hold them up. Make sure that the engine has enough oil, that the oil pressure is ok, and that the oil does not need changing. If these are ok then an additive may be added to aid in quieting noisy lifters.

Valve adjusment on 2.4 Mitsubishi 1989?

There is no valve adjustment on the 2.4 litre 4G64 engine as it has hydraulic lifters fitted, if they are noisy then there are oil additives to clean them or they may need replacing.

Is it a big problem to have noisy tappets in your engine?

Is it a big problem to have noisy tappets in your engine?

How do you fix constantly noisy lifters on a 1994 Mazda Miata even when warmed up?

I have gone to mobil 1 15/50 this seems to work real good...sometimes I still have to start and turn off the engine right away and this works when the lifters get noisey also

What can you do to quiet noisy lifters in a flahead V8 cadillac engine?

1. Make sure it is the lifters and not loose wrist pins. 2. Check the camshaft for wear. When the lobes wear beyond the take-up tolerance of the hydraulic lifters, clicking is the result. Your favorite garage may have an instrument to check actual pushrod movement against what is called for by the published camshaft lift.

Power steering is noisy on cold 1997 Toyota Camry what should I check is there a power steering filter?

to my knowledge there is no power steering filter i would check my power steering fluid level

Can the lifters be adjusted on a 1988 Plymouth Reliant 2.5?

Noisy lifters in 2.2 and 2.5 sohc engines are usually indicative of a worn camshaft, as many were replaced under warranty.

How do you fix a 1995 Mazda 626 that has recently had an oil changed and the clicking sound is still present?

The ticking may be due to any of a number of things, including worn lifters or noisy injectors. Is the ticking louder after the engine warms up? This would point to noisy lifters, since the oil thins slightly as it heats up. Have a reputable mechanic determine where the noise is coming from and whether or not it's anything to worry about.

What is the clearance for the valves and lifters on a 1996 S-10 2.2 liter?

No adjustment can be made. The lifters are hydraulic. The rocker arm nuts are torqued to 19-22 ft lbs. If you have noisy lifters replacement is necessary. Replacing the lifters requires removal of the head. Be sure to also check cam and push rods for wear.

How do you fix noisy lifters on a 1996 jeep grand Cherokee?

remove intake and valve covers, loosen rocker arms, remove push rods, and take the lifters out, replace lifters and put everything back to torque spec. Book time is about 3 hours.

Are noisy hydraulic lifters covered under extended drivetrain warranty?

If the hydraulic lifters are making noise they shouldn't be making, then there's probably more to it, and it's likely a problem which should be covered under such a warranty.

How do I replace 2.9 L lifters?

If the lifters are noisy, usually replacing lifters alone won't fix it. 2.9's dump oil internally, as the cam bearings wear. excessive oil is lost between the cam journal, and the cam bearing. Not enough oil actually reaches the top end. Additionally, you have to remove the cylinder heads, to get the lifters out of their bores. That's a lot of work for a repair that may or may not work. You may as well pull the engine, replace the cam bearings and cam, and lifters. Since you've gone that far, you may as well install a Melling high volume oil pump.

Ticking sound Dodge ram?

Dodge Rams are known for their ticking due to "noisy lifters". This problem has been ID'd by some individuals as Dodge's use of cheap Chinese made lifters for their 5.7s. To get rid of this you would actually need to replace the lifters with after market lifters. Now if you're referring to a tapping+fluttering sound when you accelerate then you will most likely need to check on your valves.

Does a 95 MPV V6 have hydraulic or solid lifters?

It has hydraulic lifters that are known to get noisy. Mazda sells a shim set that can be installed under each lifter to reduce clearance so that the lifters don't require as much pump-up travel. The lifters are located in the ends of the rocker arms, replacing or shimming them requires the removal of part of the intake plenum. You can also buy new lifters in the aftermarket for about $20. each, but there is 12 so it's not exactly cheap.

Will thicker oil stop lifter sounds?

Sometimes depending on why lifters are noisy. If there is a piece of dirt stuck in one or it's damaged it needs replacing

What causes noisy hydraulic valve lifters?

There could be several reasons why you have a noisy hydraulic valve lifter. One reason could be worn our parts in the entire valve train. A loose rocker arm could also cause noise.

Is too much or not enough oil will make the lifters rattle in a 2006 Pontiac gran prix gt?

Too little oil makes lifters noisy. Without enough oil the lifters can't pressurize enough to close the gaps in the valve train. Driving too long with the condition can make it permanent even after adding more oil.

Can you use engine with bad camshaft?

Yes you can but the engine performance will drop and it may be noisy.

Does a 2007 Toyota tacoma v6 4.0 liter have a timing belt or timing chain?

It has a timing chain that should last the life of the engine. However if it is noisy then it may very well need replacing. Have it inspected.

What is the preferred oil type for the CV16Sengine in a lawn tractor SAE 30 or 10W30?

That is a Kohler Command single cylinder, so 10W30 is the answer. It will run either, but the hydraulic lifters will be noisy