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Please include the serial number to get a correct answer to your question.

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$1000 to $1200 and going up. No longer made and Remington has bought Marlin

Did marlin make a goose gun with a thirty nine inch barrel

No, the 336A had a 24" barrel from the factory. The 336C or RC used a 20" barrel.

it was made from 1960-69 with a 24 inch barrel.

A Marlin lever action rifle that was made in 1937 will be a Marlin model 36,1st Variation.These were produced from 1937-1940.

Will depend on which bulllet/ powder combination is used. For an example, including some graphs, follow the link below. Scroll way down until you get to the graphs- follow the .357 graph.

not much. too long to hunt efficiently. An average shotgun with hoke is the same pattern or better. Probably $120-$150 if you like Marlin

check the date code stamped on the barrel. Remington Society of America, Manufactured Date link has the details.

The Marlin 3030 model is a classic hunting rifle made in 1902. The value of this gun today can reach several thousand dollars.

No, you need to buy another 12 inch barrel with spyder threads on the back.

for the manufacture date- well, just a wild guess, but wouldn't it be around 1894- late 1893 to 1895 because of the time it took to catch on with the market and sales -- I'm the one w/ the are 7mm mauser rounds are the same diameter as the .30-06 sprinfield round.

It could be anywhere from $300 to $750, depending on what kind of shape it is in.

The C stands for carbine. Here is a list I've found concerning the rest of the letters: CS .... Carbine Safety C........ Carbine. 1968 and up RC......Regular Carbine same as C prior to 1968 T .......Texan. Carbine with straight stock, 20 inch barrel TS.......Texan Safety with 18.5 inch barrel. SC.......Sporting Carbine, 20 inch barrel, 2/3 mag tube, pistol grip. CB.......Cowboy, 24 inch octagon barrel and straight stock. A.........Prior to 1980 24 inch round barrel PG stock A........ Most recent, 20 inch PG carbine with birch wood, end cap forend. W........ 20 inch PG carbine, birch wood, and two barrel bands Y......... Spikehorn youth model short PG walnut stock 16.5 inch barrel. LTS...... Texan Safety, 16.25 inch barrel. Marauder.. same as 336 T except has 16.25" barrel and SG. Roll marked RC. ER......... Extra Range PG stock in 356 Winchester. 375....... PG stock 20 inch barrel in 375 Win. XLR.......Stainless steel 24 inch barrel PG laminated stock CC....... 20 inch carbine with camo pattern birch PG stock SS........20 inch PG stock Stainless steel. ZG....... Zane Grey Century PG stock, 22 inch octagon barrel. 336 Octagon.. 22 inch octagon barrel SG stock. 336BL.... big loop lever and laminated PG stock.

i have a New, Marlin Lever Action 1895G in 45-70 with a 16.25" (16 1/4) barrel. It is for sale if you are interested. The spike horn was a Marlin 336Y, it came in 30-30 only and had a 16.5 inch barrel. Sorry, can't help with the Marauder

i have a champion 12 gauge by iver johnson with a 36 inch barrel

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