What is the Molecular Density of Air?

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Numerous sources give the number of molecules of air per liter, at STP, as approximately 2.5E22. A liter contains 1E3 cubic centimeters, and a cubic meter contains 1E6 cubic centimeters. Thus a cubic meter contains 1E3 liters, and the number of molecules in a cubic meter is approximately 2.5E25. Best regards, G.R.Dixon, www.maxwellsociety.net
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Density of air?

Being a gas, the density of air can vary a lot, depending on its temperature and pressure. At sea level, it is usually close to 1.2 kilograms per cubic meter.

What is the density of air?

Air has both mass and density, just like all forms of matter. A liter of air at sea level and at 0 Celsius has a mass of about 1.29 grams. Its density would then be 1.29 grams

Does air have density?

Like all mass, air does have density. Density is calculated by the formula M/V=D, where M is Mass, V is Volume and D is Density. Mass is the scientifically correct term for

What is the molecular structure of air?

Air is a mixture of gases.. so it desn't have any appropriate molecular structure.. The composition of air is :. Nitrogen (N 2 ): 78.09%. Oxygen (O 2 ): 20.95%. Argon (Ar):

How do you find out molecular wt using density?

I'm not exactly positive. But if you know the volume in grams and the mass (giving you density), then you should be able to figure out the molecular weight. The mass is the sa

What is the molecular weight of air?

Air does not have a true molecular weight because it is not a true compound; it is a mixture instead and does not always have the same composition.

What is molecular density?

the ratio between the mass of one mole of a substance and its volume is the molecular density....

Molecular mass equals 2vapour density?

vapor density =density of gas/density of hydrogen gas =mass of a certain vol. of gas/mass of same vol. of hydrogen gas =mass of n molecules of gas/mass of n molecules of hy

Why does air have density?

without density it would be pretty hard for air to exist. Here is a breakdown: first of all we know air exists, and that it exists in 3 dimentions of space. In order for som

What is air density?

Air density is the mass of air per unit volume, which changes by temperature, humidity, and elevation. Changes in air density will change its pressure. At mean sea level an
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Why molecular weight of air is 28.9?

It is the weighted average of the individual molecular weights of the components oxygen and nitrogen. Generally speaking, air is composed of 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen. Thus
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How is molecular mass and vapour density related?

density is mass per unit volume, meaning that as mass increases ,the density increases. Unlike volume, as it increases the density decreases.