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The Meaning of Moslem Culture

A Muslim culture is a culture based on the teachings of Islam. This means that we must refer to Al-Quran and Hadis. Other elements are not that relevant. This is because we must try to understand and able to differentiate which is the culture promoted by Islam, and which is being inherited from the norms and habits of a race or creed. This is important because we must be able to differentiate between Arabic culture and the culture that is being designed by Al-Quran and Hadis.

For example in a culture of any tribe or race, they have their own way of having a leader. For instance by the believe that a person is being selected by god, or due to tradition, or due to decendants and so on so forth. In Islam a leader is being chosen among the moslems, who is considered as the best amongst them. So there is no question of decendants, or the believe of being the chosen one and so forth.

However, I have noted that there is some misunderstanding in the study of Muslim culture, especially in the case of Islamic leader. It is seem to be accepted that the kings of Islamic nation is equivalent to Islamic leader. This is a misconception. So was with the history of 'Islamic civilization' that is being studied during the era of Umayyah or Abbasiyah. The form of leadership during that era is not in accordance to Islamic teaching, because it does not adhere to the basic principle : the best amongst the moslems.


I guess the "Muslim Culture" could mean the teaching of Islam. But if you are asking about culture as in traditions, my answer is this:

Islam is an international religion. There are Muslims from all sorts of backgrounds (Asians, Middle eastern, European, western, African, Latin...etc) each has its own culture and traditions.Also having se

x and making baby was important.Muhammad did this.

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Q: What is the Muslim culture?
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