What is the Navajo word for angel?

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diyin yá naalʼaʼí , messenger from God
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What is the Navajo word for Light?

The Navajo word for Light is adinídíín a light (something that makes light) is: beeadinídínígíí electric light: atsiniltł'ish beeadinídínígíí to be lit up: hool'įįh to give off light: bits'ádi'nídíín to produce light: adiní ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for Hello?

Yá'át'ééh, when you say it, it sounds a little like yaw'ah'tey Ya' at' eeh = good (original) Haala 'ahoodzaa? = traditional greeting

What is the word for how are you in Navajo?

The WORDS that mean "How are you doing?": Hait'áo naniná? or Haa lá ánít'é? These are not really conversation starters but regarding the healthof person spoken to and becuase you know they were sick. In somecases it might be a little rude abrupt or even seem like you arecheckin ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for fire?

KÇ«' The mark under the O makes it nasalized like in the French word"bon". The mark at the end is the Navajo consonant called a glottalstop. We have it in the middle of "uh'oh".

What is the Navajo word for mother?

Amá -- someone's mother The above is the generic reference for somebodies mother; however,relative reference is as follows: Shimá - my mother Bimá - his or her or it's , thier mother Nimá - your mother nihimá -- our or their mother hamá - 4th person or one's mother (polite ad ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for storm?

Navajo has different words for different types of storm, as you would expect among people who traditionally spent much of their time outdoors in close contact with nature. A thunderstorm is da'di'níigo nahałtin A sandstorm is Łeezh bił níyol A big hailstorm is níló ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for grandfather?

Shicheii for my maternal grandpa. Shinalí for my paternal grandpa. For a better translation, I need to know if you want Your, my, his/her, thier, A grandpa. It's a verb heavy language.

What is the Navajo word for come in?

to come in a room (one person): yah 'iishááh. Two people: yah'iit'aash. Three or more : yah 'iikááh come in (come here): hágo!

What does the word kayenta mean in Navajo?

Kayenta is thought to come from a earlier Navajo name for the arerecorded as Tye-nde by Father Haile in 1908 or so. He said it meant"place where wild aninimals fall in" or "game pit" for catchingantelope or other game. His translation is hard to figure out. The modern Navajo name is: Tó Dínà ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for you?

Mostly Navajo does the word "you" differently than in English.Usually it conjugates into the verb so you know from the verb if Iam talking abut "me", "you", "you" (two), or "you" (many). Often,you don't need or use the separate word "you". Navajo is a very"verb heavy" language. Different classes of ( Full Answer )

What does the Navajo word kayenta mean?

This is not the current Navajo name for the town. The Navajo name is: Tó Dinéeshzheeʼ. This meansWater that is in rivulets or like fingers.( Tó- water, Dinéeshzheeʼ-- it isfringed). This is an area right near town. It is said that the name Kayenta may come from a Navajo word tha ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for honey?

Honey is: tsís'ná bitł'izh The marks over some of the vowels are high tone marks, not accents.Navajo is tonal and it changes meaning. The marks between areglottal stop consonants. English has it in the word uh'oh. The tł' is very hard to say for English speakers. Itis a tł said w ( Full Answer )

What is a Navajo word for faith?

"to have faith is it" ( a religion or belief or cure) is: diníssín One needs to conjugate this as to how you are using it and who isbeing talked about. Navajo is a very verb based language so theretends not to be nouns used in this sort of case. "To get faith in it" : diníssįįh

What is the word for dog in Navajo?

Dog in Navajo is: łééchąąʼí It is hard for English speakers. The marks above the ee makes it high tone, not stress. Navajo is atonal language. e is said as in "met". Two ee make is held longer. "a" is said as in "father" but with the mark under it it isnasalized and is a bit l ( Full Answer )

How do you write in Navajo on Microsoft Word?

You can get Navajo fonts in many places on the web. Do a googlesearch. Navajo has been a written language since the 1930s. For example: "Shízhi' naaltsoos bikáá' yissoh ńt'éé' bee'ak'e'elchíhík'íníti'" --"I was in the process of signing my name onthe paprer when I bro ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for buffalo?

Ayání . The second a and final i being high tone, Navajo is tonal and itchanges meaning. "A" is said like father, i like in "bit". ayání did not live in the Navajo area for the most part, only afew. In stories they mostly function as symbols of Plainspeoples.

What is the Navajo word for parting?

Even if I knew, I doubt there is a written word for it. Navajo had an unbeatable advantage as a code in WW2 because it was a spoken language only, and an illegal language until the US found a use for it. Suggest you try Navajo and "translation." Who knows? A written language was created for Cherokee ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for no?

The Navajo word for no is dooda. nda = "no"; ndaga = "no"; doo < sentence> da = also used for negation

What is the Navajo word for Juniper?

Gad is the word for juniper. juniper wood is dilk'is juniper berry is gad bididze' or gadbidzidze' juniper bark used for fiber is: azííh

What is the word for love in Navajo?

Ayóó Ánííníshní is the equivalent of "I love you"in Navajo. Navajo verbs are very hard for English speakers to use. Theyconjugate in very different ways. to be in love with him/her is: ayóí 'óosh'ní or ayóí 'íínísh'ní You love me: ayóí ' ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo spelling of the word Small?

The Navajo word for small or little is "yazzie", as in dibeh-yazzie (sheep-little) = lamb. The standard spelling in the orthography that is now taught is: "yázhí". The marks are high tone marks. Navajo is a tonal language and needs tones to be correct. The zh sound is somewhere between z ( Full Answer )

How do you say the word stop in Navajo?

The Navajo word for stop is "assay". Kind of pronounced at-say Ibelieve. Well, Astee means "tail", and Átsé means "first". I'm not sure what word thiswould be. Stop!(enough) in Navajo is: k'adí! Stop! (don't do it) is: níwe! To stop as a verb is very, very hard in Navajo. There ar ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for cougar?

náshdóítsoh It means literally "big wildcat" . tsoh means big or large. It is associated with the blue or turquoise sacred mountain of the south, Mt Taylor (near Grants NM) in English, Tsoodził in Navajo. The marks above the vowels are high tone marks. Where the low tone i follows the hi ( Full Answer )

Navajo word for wolf spirit?

Gray Wolf was given by Changing Woman as a protector to the Tódích'íinii - Bitter Water Clan. He also was protector to Abaloneshell Boy and Doko'o'osliid (San Francisco Peaks), the sacredmountian of the west. The word for wolf is: mąʼiitsoh The word for spirit is: níłchʼi ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for Fighter Plane?

The Navajo language does not include a native word for fighter plane. In the Navajo code used in World War 2, the word used was dahetihhi , which means "humming bird" - this ensured that even if the Japanese could somehow translate the word it would still not make any sense. The code worked in t ( Full Answer )

How do you spell angel in Navajo?

diyin yá naalʼaʼí-- meaning a supernatural messenger. It is not a Navajo concept. The word was made up after contact with Christians.

How do you say angel in Navajo language?

It is diyin yá naalʼaʼí . Literally amessenger from god. Diyin means god or holy spirit being. The marksabove mean high tone. The marks between mean the glottal stopconsonant. The double vowels mean you say it for longer.

What is the word for shy in Navajo?

TOH-BAH-HA-ZSID. (?) 'ádaa yinísht'į́ ---to be shy bíkásísti ' -- shy becuase one isover awed ádíkásísti' -- to become bashful or shy These all conjugate in complicated ways. For example: yinísht'į́ , nánít'į́ , yinít'į́ , yizhnà ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for parents?

Shimá dóó shizhé'é -- is "my mother and my father" ashchíinii---- is "someones parents" bishchíinii ---- is "his/her/it'sparents" nishchíinii --- your parents shishchíinii-- - my parents hashchíinii -- fourth person, sort of like a polite "one'sparents"

What is the word for airplane in Navajo?

chidí naat'a'í (flying car) or béésh naat'a'í (flying metal) The marks about vowels are high tone marks. Two vowels makes it held longer. The t' is a glottalized t, it is different than a regular t.

What is the Navajo word for remember?

"Ã�éjílniihgo" means "to remember it" or "remembrance."Bénáshniih" means "I remember." The common root is "niih." to remember : énáshniih to remember a series of events or names: nibééhéshniih Áhóót'įįdígíí bénááshni ( Full Answer )

What does the Spanish word Navajo mean?

The word Navajo does not come from Spanish. The Spanish learned it in the middle 1500s when they were asking Pueblo Tewa speakers names of the the different Apache related groups. They were told the Dine' were the "Apache of the wide or river bottom fields". "Navahu'u" is Tewa for "farm fields in a ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for infant?

awééʼ is someone's baby Newborn is: awééchí'í Last born or "baby of the family" is: lók'eeshchąą'í my baby is: sheʼawééʼ your baby: ne'wééʼ her/his/it's baby: beʼawééʼ your baby: nihe'awééʼ Words like baby, son, mother, brot ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for am?

Navajo verbs do not work this way for the most part. There is noword for "am" on it's own. shił hózhǫ́-- means "I am happy". The shił means I am. bił -- wouldmean he is, nił - you are. ánísht'é-- "I am" in another context Often where we would use "am", in Navajo it conj ( Full Answer )

What is the word for peace in Navajo?

k'é can mean peace or also relationships, so to restore or return to peace is: " k'énáhádleeh " Another way is: hoozhǫǫh-- to become peaceful. hoozhǫ́ǫgo--peacefully hózhǫ́ náhásdlį́į́ʼ-- peace and beauty and order, harmony have been re ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for beauty song?

Perhaps you mean the Beautyway ceremony ? The word for that is Hoozhónee hózhǫ́ means beauty. "Sin" is song. biyiin means it's song hózhǫ́ biyiin -- beauty's song

What is the translation for the word Queen in Navajo?

Naatʼáanii - means "leader" in Navajo. It comesfrom the root word nit'áh , which signifies thevery growth processes that lead to maturity. There were neverleaders who inherited power or commanded the way a Queen does inthe English sense. It has a principal in a position to make decisions ( Full Answer )

What are the Navajo words for your friend?

Nik'is - your friend shik'is -- my friend biki's - his/her/it's friend ak'is -- someones' friend haki's --4th person ( we don't have this inEnglish) nihik'is --their or our friend also : shich'ooní, nich'ooní .... and so on. (partner, comrade, spouse, friend) to be his freind: k'à ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for delicate?

Doo dits'idaa is a reference to something that is not durable and could be used for not tough or delicate Baa hasti' - a delicate situation where caution needs to be taken

What is the Navajo word for 'you are welcome'?

t'áá áko or hágoshį́į́ or lą́'ąą The mark above vowels mean high tone. The mark below means nasalized like there is a n sound. The t' is a glottalized t and is different than normal t. The ' on it's on is like English uh'oh-- a glottal stop.

What is the Navajo word for assistance?

To receive assistance: bíká 'e'elyeed or: bíká 'aná'álwo' But to conjugate Navajo is very complex. There is a 1st, 2nd dual, 3rd and 4th person. You can't just pick a word and use it as you would in English. The manner in which a verb happens can also need to be conjugated, such ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for cloud?

The word is: kʼos. The k' is a glottalized "k" sound. That means you sort of hold your breathe like you would when you say "uh oh" and then say the "k" sound. Most Navajo consonants have a glottalized and normal le: version. It makes it a completely different meaning in Dine' bizaad. There are T ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for mayor?

The Navajo did not have towns in the past so there is no traditional word for mayor. The Navajo word for any sort of leader is : naat'áanii So you could say (the name of the town), it's leader Kin łání bił naat'áanii -- "Flagstaffs leader"

What is the pronunciation for the Navajo word dinissin?

Díníssin -- to have faith in it (a religion, belief, cure). The root is zin or sin- to acr with the mind. "T'áá Naabeehó binahagha' t'éiyá díníssin" --"I have faith in the Navajo religion." The first two i are high tone and pronounced like in "bit" in English. The ( Full Answer )

What is the Navajo word for fight?

Because of the way Navajo works one needs to know if you mean a noun or a verb and if a verb other aspects of how you are using it. To have a fight with him/her -- bił 'ałk'iishyeed to have a fight with them (3 or more)-- bił 'ałk'iishjeeh To fight with each other---- 'ałk'i ( Full Answer )

What is the word for you are my friend in Navajo?

Shik'is -- MY sibling of same sex, friend, brother/sister, son of mother's sister or father's brother (if male speaker) or daughter of female speaker. My comrade, partner, spouse, friend, pal: Shich'ooní To be a friend of his/her (and he is a friend of mine): Bił k'é'ahidish'ní ( Full Answer )