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11 wins in a rowThe New York Mets' longest winning streak is 11 games, which they have accomplished four separate times:
  • 1969, 11 games
  • 1972, 11 games
  • 1986, 11 games
  • 1990, 11 games
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What is the New York Mets longest winning streak to start a season?


What is the longest winning streak for the New York Rangers?

longest new york rangers winning steak

What is the New York Yankees longest World Series winning streak?

The Yankees longest World Series winning streak is five years. They were the champions from 1949-1953.

What is the longest winning streak in sports history?

The longest winning streak in sports history is held by the New York Yachting Club which held the Americas Cup trophy for 136 years from 1851 to 1987.

What years did the New York Yankees have the most consecutive winning seasons?

The Yankees longest streak of consecutive winning seasons was 39. It ran from 1926-1964.

What NFL team has won a Super Bowl but has the longest streak without winning a Super Bowl?

new york jets

Pitchers longest winning streak in MLB?

Carl Hubbell of the New York Giants with 24. The streak started July 17, 1936 and ended May 27, 1937.

What was the winning percentage for the NY Mets in 2010?

The New York Mets' winning percentage in 2010 was .488.

Did the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles both have winning seasons for 18 consecutive years?

The New York Yankees have the record for longest consecutive winning season streak, at 39 years, from 1926 - 1964. The Yankees have also (2010 season) tied the second longest streak (NYY 1993 - 2010), shared by the Baltimore Orioles (1968 - 1985).

What is the longest modern winning streak in baseball?

The 1916 New York Giants had a 26 game winning streak from Sept. 7th thru Sept 30th (with 1 tie). The 1935 Chicago Cubs had a 21 game winning streak from Sept. 4th thru Sept 27th. And more recently the 2002 Oakland "A's" had a 20 game winning streak from August 13th thru Sept. 4th.

What is the New York Mets' lifetime winning percentage?

0.478 is the NY Mets' lifetime winning pct

Longest game played by New York Mets?

The longest game in New York Mets history was on April 15, 1968 when the Mets were shutout the Houston Astros, 1-0, in 24 innings.

What is the New York Mets longest losing streak?

In 1962 the Mets lost 17 in a row during their 120 loss inaugural year. The streak started on May 21 against the Astros and lasted until June 6 against the Philies (they beat the Cubs on June 8th 4-3)

What is the longest away winning streak in Major League Baseball history?

There are two major league teams who share the longest road winning streak in MLB history. The 1984 Detroit Tigers and 1916 New York Giants (who moved to San Francisco and are now known as the San Francisco Giants) both won 17 road victories in a row.

Whats the longest hitting streak?

In 1941 Joe Dimaggio of the New York Yankees had a 56 game hit streak which is the longest in MLB history

What is the longest unbeaten streak by an MLB team?

The 1916 New York Giants played 27 games in a row without a loss. They had a 14 game winning streak, played a tie game, and then won 12 more in a row.

Who has the longest hitting streak in New York Mets history?

Moises Alou has the Mets longest hitting streak, 30 games, from August 31 through September 27 in 2007. Alou was 41 years old during his streak, and it is the longest hitting streak of anybody over 40. The streak was somewhat overshadowed by the Mets historic collapse. The previous Mets record was set the same year by David Wright. Most Met fans were happy to have that streak broken, as the streak was something of a black-eye: it occured at a time when Wright's other numbers were down, it spanned 2 seasons, and it jumped over the postseason in which Wright did have hitless games and generally failed to help the team. (Though Wright recovered and was arguably the NL's best player from mid-May through the end of the season). spanned 2 seasons, and ignored Wright's hitless games during his poor 2006 postseason.

What is the longest hitting streak in Major League Baseball?

The longest hitting streak in baseball is held by Joe DiMaggio of the New York Yankees, 56 straight games.

What team has the longest losing streak in MLB in 2007?

The New York Yankees

How about those mets?

They won the World Series in 1969 and 1986. Never count out the New York Mets. The New York Mets and New York Yankees, who had a "Subway Series" in 2000, with the Yankees winning it. The New York Mets have a lot of potential in them, and if not this year, maybe next year.

What is the longest winning streak in baseball?

26 Games The New York Giants beat the Brooklyn Dodgers on September 7, 1916 and won until they played the Boston Braves on September 30.

Which team has the longest undefeated home game streak in MLB?

Major League Baseball (Longest winning streak by a team) 26 games -- 1916 New York Giants Streak started September 7, 1916 (defeated Brooklyn Dodgers, 4-1) Streak ended September 30, 1916 (ended by Boston Braves, 8-3) Note: The Giants tied the Pirates in the second game of a doubleheader 1-1 on September 18, 1916. Major League Baseball excludes all games which end in ties from their official statistics. The longest winning streak without ties in Major League Baseball is 21 games, achieved by the Chicago Cubs in 1935. [edit](Longest winning streak by a pitcher) 24 consecutive winning decisions -- 1936-1937 Carl Hubbell, New York Giants Streak started July 17, 1936 (defeated Pittsburgh Pirates, 6-0) Streak ended May 30, 1937 (ended by Brooklyn Dodgers, 10-3) Note: Hubbell's streak was achieved in 27 games as he also pitched three no-decisions. In baseball, only losing decisions can end winning streaks by pitchers. Source:

What is the longest hit streak in baseball?

In 1941 Joe DiMaggio of New York set the record at a 56 game hitting streak.

Who do Capitals longest win streak against 1 team?

New York Islanders

Who is winning the series between the New York Mets and KC Royals?

The Royals won.