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There is no legal age limit. There are only recommendations on the maturity of the child.

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Q: What is the New York law on leaving children home alone?
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What is the age limit for leaving a child at home alone in Mississippi?

There is no legal age for children to stay at home alone.

What is Nevada's law for leaving children home alone overnight?


Legal age for leaving children at home alone in Illinois?

Legal minimum home alone age in IL is 13.

What is the law in Illinois for leaving children home alone?

The legal age is 14 for Illinois.

What is the legal age of leaving children home to babysit?

14 to be left home alone 16 to baby sit

What is the law in SC regarding leaving children alone?

You can leave responsible children alone for short periods of time, but not overnight. Children at the age of 12 can be left at home for short periods of time.

What is the New Mexico law on leaving child home alone?

There are no specific laws in the state of New Mexico regarding the age of children to be safely left at home alone. The city of Albuquerque does have a city ordinance that children 10 or younger cannot be left home alone.

Can a fifteen year old stay alone over night in Texas?

Some states have set a minimum age for which children can be left at home alone. Texas has not set a minimum age for leaving children at home, but it is best to consider the maturity and responsibility levels of an individual child before leaving them at home overnight.

How old do children have to be to be left alone at home in new york?

they have to be 13-14 years old i think

Is there a law in Louisiana regarding leaving children home alone?

The state of Louisiana does not have a law that states the age in which a child can be left home alone. However it is never recommended that a child under age 12 be left home alone for any period of time.

What does the law say about leaving children home alone in England?

There is no legal age limit in the UK, it is left up to the parents discretion. However they can be prosecuted for leaving a child home alone for an extended amount of time in detrimental conditions. For babysitting you just have to be over the legal employment age.

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