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Q: What is the Nickname for the university of Texas?
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What is university of Texas in Austin nickname?


How did Mean Joe Greene get his nickname?

Well, he played college football at North Texas State University (now University of North Texas), and their nickname is "Mean Green." So, I would assume that either he got his nickname from that, which would answer the question, or they took on that nickname from him, which would still leave the original question unanswered.

Where does the nickname the TCU Horned Frogs come from?

The TCU Horned Frogs is the nickname of the Texas Christian University. Their mascot is a horned frog in reference to the Texas horned lizard which has the scientific name of Phrynosoma cornutum.

The nickname for Texas?

The nickname for Texas is, the "Lone Star State"

What is the State nickname of Texas?

The state nickname of Texas is The Lone Star State.

What is the nickname for Princeton university?

The nickname for Princeton University is Old Nassau.

What year was UTSA established?

UTSA, or the University of Texas at San Antonio, was established on June 5, 1969. It is a public university and the eighth largest in Texas. The colors are blue and orange and the sport team nickname is the Roadrunners.

What is the largest public university in Texas?

The University of Texas. The University of Texas.

What are the University in Texas?

1.University of Texas 2.Texas A&M University 3.Baylor University 4.Texas Tech University 4.University of North Texas 5.Texas State University 7.University of Texas at San Antonio

What is the nickname for Montana State University?

The nickname for Montana State University is the Bobcats.

What is the nickname for Utah State University?

The nickname for Utah State University is the 'Aggies'.

What is the nickname of Catholic Georgetown University?

Tigers is the nickname for the Catholic Georgetown University.

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