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Facing your engine, on the right side and closest to the radiator.

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Q: What is the Number one cylinder in 1986 Dodge 360?
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Oil filter for 1986 dodge 360 engine?

The Mopar part number is 5281090

What weight oil for a 1986 Dodge 360?


What cause cylinder 6 to have transmission fluid flowing through it on your 5.9 360 dodge ram 2500 4x4?

There should be no way for transmission fluid to be getting into a cylinder on a DOdge 360.

What is the ignition timing for 1986 dodge truck 5.9 360?

I did not get a answer

Where is no 1 on a Dodge 360 engine?

It is the front driver side cylinder.

What is cylinder number one on a 360?

On a DODGE 360 cubic inch V8 engine : firewall 8 - 7 6 - 5 4 - 3 2 - 1 front

What is the cylinder bore on a 360 dodge small block?

the 360 l.a. engin came fatory with a 4" bore

Will a 1978 360 bolt in a 1986 Dodge truck?

yes, any small block dodge engine ( 273, 318, 340, 360) will fit in there. no mods required.

What is the rotor position for the number one cylinder on a 1976 Dodge 360 engine?

The marked # 1 position on the distributor cap faces to the FRONT and center of the engine

Position of number one cylinder on amc 360 engine?

The location of number 1 cylinder is front left.

What is the engine size on a 1977 dodge sportsman RV with the V.I.N number f34bf7v008457?

the fifth digit in the vin# is an "f" which means it has an 8 cylinder 360 with a 2 barrel carb

What is the oil filter for 360 cu in Dodge engine?

The Mopar part number is 5281090

Which cylinder is number 1 on Continental TSIO 360?

For all Continental 360 series, #1 is the cylinder which is closest to the accessory case. For an engine driving a tractor propeller, this will be on the starboard side closest to the firewall.

Dodge 360 engine cylinder numbering?

Driver side 1-3-5-7, pass side 2-4-6-8

What is the horsepower rating on a dodge 360?

A Dodge 360 (5.9L) V8 puts out 245 horsepower at the crank.

Can you swap the computer from a 98 dodge ram 1500 360 into a 96 dodge ram 1500 360?


Where is the number one plug on the distributor cap on a dodge 1973 360 motor?

#1 on the distributor cap of a Dodge 360 faces to the front - inline with the center of the engine ( according to the picture in my Chilton repair manual )

What is the degrees of a cylinder?


If all Dodge motors have the same firing order how do you distinguish between let's say a 318 and a 360?

You would look on the right hand side of the block just below the cylinder head. There you will find the engine block serial number, within those numbers you will see either 318 or 360.

Is the dodge 360 a hemi?


Identifying a 318 or 360 dodge motor?

mopar motors have the number stamped on the side of the engine block

Where is number 1 on distributor for 1983 Dodge 360?

# 1 on the distributor cap faces to the FRONT / CENTER

Will a Dodge 360 bellhousing bolt up to a Dodge 383?


Can a dodge 360 converter work on a 318?

no a dodge 318 is internaly balanced and a dodge 360 is externaly balanced the converter, hermonic balancer and the flywheel are not enterchangeable

Where is the crankshaft position sensor located on a 360 Dodge engine?

The crankshaft position sensor on a Dodge 5.9L V8 is located behind the passenger side cylinder head, and it aims at the flywheel through a hole in the bell housing.