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What is the OEM wheel size of a 1990 ford F-150?

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P235/75R15XL I run 35 psi in both front and rear on mine. I have a short-bed extended cab. == Look at the data plate inside the driver's door, underneath the door latch. It will tell you the specific tire recommended for your truck.

2007-12-24 04:44:21
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What size brake line for 1990 ford f150?

In order to determine the size brake line for a 1990 Ford T F 150, you will need to know the size of your drum wheel cylinders. You also will need to know what kind of disc calipers you have.

What is the OEM wheel size of a 1995 Ford F150?

15x7.5 inches with a 235 75 15 tire.

What is the stock size wheel of a 1997 Ford F150?

15 and 16 inches Look on door jam

What size spindle socket is needed for a 91 ford f150 4x4 to removing hub wheel to replace wheel bearing?

24 mm i believe

What size wheel does a 1990 Ford Mustang come with?

GT's came with 225/60/15

What is the original wheel size for a 1990 Buick Riviera?

The original wheel size is 15"

Bulb size for 94 ford f150 dash lights?

ow many dash bulbs in f150 '95

What is the OEM TIRE size on a 1999 ford F150?


Door Speakers size for 1998 Ford F150?

5x7 6x8

What is the stock tire size for 1985 ford F150?


Tire size for 1994 ford pickup F150?


What size is a 2002 ford f150 bolt pattern?

5 on 135mm

What size speakers fit in the doors of a 2005 ford F150?


Can a Ford v10 fit into a Ford f150 with a 5.4L?

yes, ford makes their engines fit one size of body

How many miles per gallon does a 2007 ford F150 get?

A little more information please ( size of engine , automatic or manual transmission , rear wheel drive or 4x4 )

Are the GPS systems in Ford F-150 2010 the same size?

Are the GPS systems in Ford F150 2010 the same size?

What size are a 2006 ford f150 door speakers?

6 X 8

What is the maximum tire size for a Ford F150 XLT 4.6l?

33.1250 33.1250

What is the OEM TIRE size on a 1986 ford F150?


What is the spark plug wiring order for a ford f150 1985?

for what size of engine ?

What is the wheel size on a 1966 ford f100?

Size 15

What size engine is the 4.6l in the 97 ford f150.... 302..?

It would be a 289

What size automatic transmission is on a ford f150 4x4 with 5.0L engine?

C6 or an aod

What size engine is the 4.6l in the 98 ford f150?

281 cubic inches for the Ford 4.6 liter V8 engine

Will a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 rim fit a 2002 Ford F150 4x4?

This all depends on what size the wheels are... e.g 18inc 16inc 20inch if the two trucks wheel size matches up it should be ok.