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That would depend on the concentration of the sulfuric acid.

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Q: What is the OH concentration of sulfuric acid?
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What you pH value when 100 percent sulfuric acid?

100% sulfuric acid rapidly decomposes until it reaches a concentration of 98%. This concentration is usually referred to as concentrated sulfuric acid. The pH value of 98% sulfuric acid is approximately -1.5 For comparison, sulfuric acid of this concentration has about 300 times as many active hydrogen ions as stomach acid (approximate pH 1).

How many gallon sulfuric acid is 60lbs?

Depending on the concentration (and the density) of sulfuric acid. For sulfuric acid 30 % the volume is approx. 3,7 gallons.

What is the ratio of water and concentrated sulfuric acid in dilute sulfuric acid?

It depends on how diluted the dilute sulphuric acid is (i.e. its concentration).

What is concentraction of concentrated sulfuric acid?

Industrial sulfuric acid has a concentration of about 98% by weight, the other 2% is water.

How do you slow down the reaction between zinc and sulfuric acid?

Cool it down, or lower the concentration of zinc and the sulfuric acid.

What is left when you evaporate dilute sulfuric acid?

Driving off the water from dilute sulfuric acid will increase the concentration of the acid to the point where it will contain virtually no water.

When a lead storage battery discharges the concentration of?

sulfuric acid decreases

What is conc sulfuric acid?

Concentrated sulphuric acid. It is H2SO4 in a concentration of probably 6M or above.

What is battery acid?

Sulfuric acid, or H2SO4The concentration is about 30%, and so it has a pH of approximately 0.

Can sulfuric acid dissolve titanium?

Yes, but it requires high concentration and temperature.

How much Sulfuric Acid is in Venus's?

The atmosphere of Venus has a high concentration of sulfuric acid vapor at and near the surface, but as you rise into the atmosphere, it's concentration drops sharply. The bulk of the cloud layers surrounding Venus are carbon dioxide.

Would an increase in the concentration of the sulfuric acid increase the rate of hydrogen production?