What is the Origin of Patrick?

Once upon a time, before time as we now know it began, there was no horizon to gaze at showing the joining of the sky and the sea. A wonderful star was a hero of the sky. He roamed the skies helping and saving others, making a difference making better lives for many parts of the sky including the sun and the moon and all the meteors and clouds. He knew only of the sky because of its vastness. One day, a giant eruption in the sky brought stressful "stormy weather" (light years before the song was written) and lightning, a bolt of which knocked our brave hero STAR out of the sky. As he fell, hoping he wouldn't die, he hoped even harder that he could live a long life to accomplish his mission. He finally fell into a wetness that at that moment he didn't know was the sea (because he had never seen the sea before). The impact brought darkness and unconsciousness to our hero STAR. When his eyes opened again, he felt the most caressing loving light coming from a creature of such beautiful and yet confusing sculpture. She had the looks of a beautiful woman combined with a magnificent fish neither of which, he had ever seen before. But, as fairy tales go, a part of the sky called the Star had just met a part of the sea called the mermaid or LadyFISH (as she was known throughout the sea, especially in the ocean around England). The hero had met the healer who nursed him back to life with her loving powers. And, also as all good fairy tales go, they fell in love, got married, and lived part of their time in the sky helping all things that needed help in that sky world and part of their time in the sea helping all things that needed help in that sea world. And lo and behold the horizon was thus created joining the sky and the sea forevermore. Perhaps you're wondering what they called their children…. Can you guess? If you guessed starfish, you are right forever. Even if you didn't guess starfish you are right forever because now you know. And ladies and gentleman and boys and girls, that's what this story and this website is all about. The starfish is here to "make a positive difference for you" forever more. That's right…. And so are you So Just Right !!!!! Stay tuned--- for zillions more of starfish creations along with PATRICK STAR.