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What is the Particle therey of matter?


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the particle model of matter states: 1. All matter is made up of very small particles. The particles are much too small to observe with the naked eye or with a light microscope. 2. There are spaces between the particles. The amount of space between the particles is different for different states of matter. For example, gases have much more space between particles than solids do. 3. The particles are attracted to each other. The strength of the attraction depends on the type of material. Extra Information: Solid: Particles are packed together tightly. This means that a solid will hold a definite shape. They particles are constantly vibrating in place. Liquid: Particles are in contract with each other, but can slip and slide past one anther. This means that a liquid takes shape of the container. Gas:Particles have large spacing. Can move freely in all directions. Takes the shape of the container.