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What is the Pavlov's dog experiment?


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September 05, 2017 2:00AM

Ivan Pavlov was investigating what caused saliva to flow by externalizing the salivary gland in a dog and attaching it to a test tube so he could collect and measure the saliva produced. He noticed the dog became familiar with the experimental routine salivating before eating. He then investigated the "psychic secretion" by not allowing the dogs to see what was going on before meat was passed through a hatch and introducing a ticking metronome as a stimulus. The dogs connected the ticking noise to the arrival of meat and soon the sound alone made the dog drool. He called this new response the conditioned response. By Marissa K
Show dog food. Dog salivates. Ring bell. Repeat many times, and eventually the dog will salivate from the sound of the bell, with no food present.