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What is the Percentage of people getting plastic surgery?


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In 2002 nearly 6.6 million people had plastic surgery.

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32% of korean men and 85% of korean women have had plastic surgery

If you want plastic surgery then I say go for it. Just be sure the reasons you are getting it.

People have surgery not to impress others, they do it to impress themselves, For many people, it's about getting their confidence back.

Well, It depends. If you are a freak over getting plastic surgery your skin will not look damaged but will be damaged; and your face no offence or anything but will look totally fake! Besides, I really do not get why people get plastic surgery people look beautiful one way or the other!

It is more of the "it" thing to do and more people are getting it done.

Most people get plastic surgery to make themselves look better or perfect

They are called Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeons

Iam for plastic surgery because i think people should be allowed to improve their appearance, or change their appearance.

Plastic Surgery is designed for people who not only would like to improve the appearance of their face, breasts, buttocks, and abdomen, but those who require plastic and reconstructive surgeries caused by accidents, genetic defects and other injuries. These are the people who benefit from plastic surgery and consider this as an advantage.

No, as it is no fun. You have surgery when you need it, unless it is plastic surgery which is mostly a matter of personal taste.

Well, people who have plastic surgery tend to look nicer. This developes a want of beauty, so people go to extreme lengths to almost compete with these people.

If the people undergoing the plastic surgery have given their consent, then yes, according to most country's laws, it is acceptable.

70% of women and men regret having plastic surgery because they said that is ruined their faces or bodies and that they wished they'd never had it because they looked better before the surgery

195,000 people die from cosmetic surgery each year.

to make people who are not perfect happy

Sterling night did not have plastic surgery, he was just born really hot that's all :) Anyways, on youtube, Sterling night had a interview where he's saying he has not had plastic surgery. People think he had plastic surgery just because he is hot, Not everyone has to have plastic surgery to look hot, he was just born like it.

Yes, she had Plastic Surgery. She's brightened her skin. Lil Kim seems have had the plastic surgery when she was in jail. Many people are speculating that she completed a breast enhancement, a nose job, a brow lift, and cheek implants.

People who are not satisfied by their own physical appearance.

Some people have plastic surgery to correct a life-affecting problem, like a missing ear or malformed nose. Other people have plastic surgery to remove a problem which dominates their own thoughts or others perception of them, like a crooked nose. Some have plastic surgery to attempt to fix something unhealthy, like excess belly fat. Some have it to fix something they find annoying about themselves, like wrinkles or stretch marks. Plastic surgery can be anything from cosmetic vanity to life changing and life saving.

yes if they have there parents with jltbhk

Because they like natural body.

No, because if any chance you can take a risk of dying or failure of surgery. People will notice your surgery and its not worth the cost

what?is that a question to be ask? the question would be "is it maki horikita got plastic surgery?" if that so!..horikita did not get plastic surgery! she did not done a job like plastic surgery? people spreading that kind of issues maybe they are jealous to her beauty! and keep on spreading that issues! and maybe that issue is only on INTERNET RUOMURS!!

No! They didn't get plastic surgery! Time passed and people changed right? So the antis used their not-so-good photos, photoshop photos or the photos that were long time ago to "Prove" that they have plastic surgery. I believe they didn't!

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