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A pimple is a blocked pore.

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Itchy Pimple like on the mouth lower lip?

It is a form of herpes and IS contagious during an outbreak.

What is a mouth pimple?

Mouth pimples are quite painfull. They concern either the upper lip, lower lip or side of the mouth. That is where they normally situate.

What does a pimple on your lip mean?

It may be a regular pimple or herpies. Always wear a condom!!=)

What is a bump that looks like a pimple on your lip?

Canker of Kanker Sore most likely if it's on the inside of the lip.

What are the medical terms meaning lower and upper lip?

A correct medical synonym for "upper lip" is "labium superius oris". A correct medical synonym for "lower lip" is "labium inferius oris".The anatomic term for the upper lip is the "labium superius oris" and the lower lip is "lower lip" is "labium inferius oris".

Is it normal to have a pimple on your lip and it be swollen?

Sometimes it is normal. If after a week it does not go away, get it checked out by a doctor.

What are the white pimple inside your mouth on your bottom lip?

It's Not a pimple its a Kanker Sore, Use Salt And water in a cup as mouth wash for a few days and it will go away!

Are boxer dogs jaws in even?

The gracefully, pugnacious, up-turned nose is large and black with very open nostrils. The lower jaw extends beyond the upper one, curving upward. The upper lip is thick and padded and the lower lip droops slightly.

What does the expression you'll trip over your lower lip mean?

it means you look so sad that your lower lip is drooping excessively.

Can candy canes break your lower lip?

If you mean by pulling the lower lip with the hook of the candy cane, no, you cannot break your lower lip. It is more likely that the candy can will break than for it to break your lower lip. It is possible, however, if you have some sort of super cane that is stronger than other normal candy canes.

What is the real definition for the word hobnocker?

Its a pimple on your lower chest area

What are pimple like marks on dogs?

Birth marks or where whiskers and fur are sprouting.

How do you make a low pitch on a flute?

You loosen your lower lip and blow slower. To go higher you tighten your lower lip and blow faster.

You got a pimple on your lip but you kissed a girl 2 days ago?

I advise you to go to the doctor and get that check out just in case.

What is the name of body part below the lip?

The chin is below the lip and so is the lower gum.

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