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What is the Pokemon in 72?

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Pokemon 72 is Tentacool.

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In your sinoh pokedex what Pokemon is number 72?

#72 is Misdreavus in the Sinnoh Pokedex.

What is the no 72 Pokemon in the poke dex?

The 72nd Pokemon in the Pokedex is Tentacool

Pokemon platinum where is Pokemon number 72?

lots of tenticool are in canalave city

Where can you train a level 72 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

the Pokemon league and maybe cerulean cave

Where do you get TM 72 in Pokemon platinum?

You get it in the Snowpoint Gym. :)

What Pokemon is number 72 in platinum?

national tentacool sihhoh misdreavus

What Pokemon does lance have the 2nd time on Pokemon heartgold?

Salamance lv.72 Garchomp lv.72 Dragonite lv.75 Charizard lv.68 Altaria lv.73 Gyrados lv.68

How popular is yu-gi-oh compared to Pokemon?

i would say out of 100 Pokemon is 98 and yugihoh is 72.

How do you beat n in Pokemon white?

Use a level 65+ pokemon I had a level 72 Sawk My character called N lol 8J

Where do you find Pokemon number 72 in platinum?

you have to trade from D/P otherwise I don't know.

What is the website that lets you watch ALL of the Pokemon Episodes?

you can watch it on watchpokemonepisodes.com but you can only watch 72 minutes at a time after you watch 72 minutes you'll have to wait for 54 minutes...

When is Pokemon galactic battles going tobe on citv?

Now if you go on 72 (Action stations) in the morning at 8 o clock it will be Pokemon galactic battles instead of Pokemon battle frontier!

18 multiplied by 4?

It is 72.It is 72.It is 72.It is 72.It is 72.It is 72.

How do you defeat the komono girls in Pokemon soulsilver?

What worked for me was all my Pokemon were level 40s and with three Pokemon i beat all the kimono girls. Pokemon Master- I had my level 72 Feraligatr and beat all of them with just him. Level up all your Pokemon before battling them.

What is the national pokedex number for Tentacool?

Tentacool is #72 in the national pokedex, and it is a Water-Poison type Pokemon.

If you get to lv 70 what does that meenin Pokemon ruby?

You can dominate levels up 50 ! I have a level 72 blaziken! It domenates!!! You can dominate levels up 50 ! I have a level 72 blaziken! It domenates!!! You can dominate levels up 50 ! I have a level 72 blaziken! It domenates!!!

Pokemon FireRed starter?

im using only charizard except for HMs which i have separate Pokemon for. He's level 72 right now and im just about to slaughter the elite four. Long love Pokemon

What are the whole number fractions for 72?

They are 72/1, 72/2, 72/3, 72/4, 72/6, 72/8, 72/9, 72/12, 72/18, 72/24, 72/36 and 72/72. You could also include 72 divided by the negative values of the denominators.

Can you catch Lugia in Pokemon pearl?

yes, you can i got one, its on level 72, i used my pals cheat pack

What Pokemon is 72 in the original pokedex in pearl?

In the national pokedex it's tentacool, and in the pearl pokedex it's misdreavus.

What Pokemon should you have?

In Pokemon diamond you should have a good team: Infenape-72 Luxray-70 Staraptor-74 Dialga-71 Steelix-75 I never lose a battle.

What Pokemon do you use for the celadon gym in Pokemon tower defense?

mostly level 72 fire pokemon but if you cant level up quick go to hacked version at arcadeprehacks.com if you want to trade for a shiny golem search pokemon trade id and put 14ef47914a487f

What two numbers have a LCM of 72?

The following pairs of numbers have 72 as their LCM 1 & 72 2 & 72 3 & 72 4 & 72 6 & 72 8 & 9 8 & 18 8 & 36 8 & 72 9 & 24 9 & 72 12 & 72 18 & 72 24 & 72 36 & 72 72 & 72

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