What is the Population of cuiaba mato grosso Brazil?

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Well, acording to IBGE it had 551.000 people in 2009 in cuiabá- MT, Brazil
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What is the population of Brazil?

According to the CIA official figure, the population of Brazil in August 2000 (the last official census ) was 169,872,855 . The current estimate for July 2010 is 198,739,269. Brazil ranks fifth in population in the world. Forty-one percent of the total population of Brazil live in the states o ( Full Answer )

Who is Anthony Matos?

Anthony Matos resides in Oceanside, in a city in California. He's afilm fan who likes American History X, and Watchmen.

What is the current population of Brazil?

The current population of Brazil is 196.7 million. This is more than the population of Mexico, but less than the population of the United States of America. 1

What is the population of Salvador Brazil?

The estimated population of Salvador in 2009 is 2,998,096 . The estimate comes from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics [Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica], which is responsible for statistics in Brazil. The IBGE figures place Salvador as the third most populous city i ( Full Answer )

What is a concerto grosso?

A concerto grosso is a type of composition that started in the Baroque Time Period. It is when a small group of elite soloists is pitted against a larger group of players often referred to as "tutti" meaning "all." Usually if there are two to four soloists the tutti will consists of 8-20 or more mus ( Full Answer )

Which is the largest city in Brazil in terms of population?

Sao Paulo is Brazil's largest city in terms of population. The Brazilian Institute of Geographic and Statistics [Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica] is responsible for statistical information in Brazil. According to the IBGE's estimates for 2009, the largest city in Brazil in terms of p ( Full Answer )

What is the population density of Brazil?

With its vast, mainly unoccupied interior, the population density of Brazil only averages 59 people per square mile (23 per km 2 ), as of 2010. (Coincidentally nearly identical to Chile, which has only 9% as many people.)

What is brazils population density?

The population of the Federative Republic of Brazil is 201,032,714,and the population density is 61.5 people per square mile. The GDPper capita is $12,526.

What were the 2008 population totals for Brazil?

A figure of 191,971,506 was the total that the World Bank listed as the 2008 population numbers for Brazil. Forty-one percent of the total population of Brazil live in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Minas Gerais. The southeastern part of the country is the most populated area. The ma ( Full Answer )

What is the most populous bird in Brazil?

The beautiful and flitting hummingbird is Brazil's most populousbird. The Brazilian name for them is "belja-flor" which translatesinto "flower kisser". They have a very important place in Brazilianfolklore, art and everyday life. Numerous businesses are namedafter the creatures.

Why is Brazil densely populated?

Most of Brazil is actually Amazon forest so it is actually not asdensely populated as many would believe. The few cities in thecountry are densely populated because of the limited amount oflivable area.

Most populated city in brazil?

1: Sao Paulo (11037593 people in 2009) #2: Rio de Janeiro (6186710 people in 2009) #3: Salvador (2998056 people in 2009)

Why does Brazil have a low population density?

Brazil overall as a country, doesn't have a low population density that low but some parts of it do. that's because most of the population lives along the coastline because there are more resources there

What is the animal population of Brazil?

if the population number cannog be given correctly because there are many people living out in an area where the census can reach, I don't think a fair stimate of the animal population can be achieved correctly either.

What is the population distribution of Brazil?

Population distribution of Brazil: Brazil is a LEDC with poo most of its poo population living in coastal areas, with poo the south being more densely populated. Density: 22/km2 Population: 205,716,890

What is the population of edge favelas in Brazil?

According to the 2010 census, around 11. 25 million people acrossBrazil live in favelas, or shantytowns. This figure representsaround 6 percent of the nation's population.

What population issues does Brazil face?

Brazil faces problems such as poverty, hunger,disease, and horrible public sevaces population is 198,739,269 wow O o lol o_O roflu

Does Brazil have a bigger population then the US?

no Brazil does not have a bigger population than usa the population of Brazil according to the 2009 cencus it is 192,272,890 and the 2010 cencus of usa is 310,585,000 but that is the 2010 census of the usa so the Brazil population hasent beeen updated but more than likely the population of usa is bi ( Full Answer )

What is the approximate population of Brazil?

According to the World Bank, Brazil hosts a population (2011) of 196,655,014. Brazil's largest city, São Paulo, claims a population of 11,316,149.

Does Brazil have the largest population of uncontacted people'?

As of 2012, the largest number of people who have not been contacted lie in West Papua (the Indonesian part of the island of New Guinea). However, many sources list Brazil's Amazon as the area with the largest number of uncontacted groups. The apparent contradiction is explained by the fact that the ( Full Answer )

What is the population pyramid of Brazil?

1o Step the poor 2o. and 3o. Mid Class 4o. Professional Liberal and Micro Employers 5o. Richest and Stablish people Employers 6o. Politicals and Millionaires

What does it say about the population in this area of Brazil?

The population distribution in Brazil is very uneven, with concentration of population in coastal areas, especially Southeast and Northeast Forest Zone. Another important core region is less populated areas south are located in the Midwest and North

What are the population schematics of Brazil?

South and Southest more dense SouthWest and Central and mid central is for foods improve Farms North Florest NorthWest and NorthEst Vacation ( Turist Industry)

Is there another city in Brazil called Bonito besides in Mato Grosso do Sul?

There is in Northeast region of Brazil, in the state of Pernambuco, a town called Bonito. It is one of the most ancient little city of the State, it has almost fifty thousand of inhabitants and has also seven natural waterfalls. According to Brazil Tourism Postal, Bonito is the second wonder of the ( Full Answer )

How does the population influence the environment in Brazil?

The state of São Paulo is characterized historically by a large concentration of industrial Despite the devolution experienced mainly from the 90s, in a process that is still ongoing, the well known ABC in Greater Sao Paulo (in the municipalities of Santo Andre, Sao Bernardo do Campo and Sao Ca ( Full Answer )

What place in Brazil has the largest population?

The rain forests in Brazil have the largest population, and the most species, but converting the rain forests to cattle pastures is seriously diminishing numbers. And the city with the largest human population is, first, Sao Paolo (11 million) and then Rio de Janiero (6 million).

Is Brazil dense population?

In general Brazil is not densely populated although some areas in cities like Rio are.

What was the population of Brazil in 1893?

In the 1890 census the population was 14,333,915. The previous census was in 1872, where the population was 9 930 478. By 1900 the population had risen to 17,438,434, a 21.7% increase.

What is the population of Belo Harizonte Brazil?

The population of the municipality of Belo Horizonte according to the 2010 census is 2,475,440 (making it the 6th biggest city in Brazil). The Metro population is 5,497,922 (making it the 3rd biggest city in Brazil).

What is the indigenous population of Brazil?

The indigenous population of Brazil (ie the people who were there before the Portuguese colonialists arrived) wee Indian tribes including the Tupi and the Guarani.

What has caused Brazil to have the largest population out of japan?

Between the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries, coffee was the main export product of Brazil. At first, Brazilian farmers used African slave labour in the coffee plantations, but in 1850, the slave traffic was abolished in Brazil. To solve the labour shortage, the Brazilian elite decided to at ( Full Answer )

What is the population of Palmas Brazil?

The population in Palmas, Brazil is roughly 39,1950 although there has not been a population count since 2012. Most of the population lives in rural farms or small settlements.

What is the population in Brazil Brazil?

In July 1, 2012 brazil popilation is 193,946,886. It is the largestcountry in both South America and the Latin American region as wellas It is the world's fifth largest country.

Is Brazil the most populated?

No, the most populated country in the world right now is China with 1,355,692,576 citizens. Brazil is currently ranked 5th in the world with 202,656,788 people.