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Q: What is the Price of standard weatherford float collar?
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In access what is the The data type of an item price?

float data

What data type is used for an item price?

for item price in C, we use float data type.

Why the float takes 4 bytes in turbo c plus plus?

What's your problem with that? It's a (quasi-)standard value for a 'float'.

How many digit can be accurately stored in a float base on IEEE standard 754?


Is float a collective noun for crocodiles?

Yes, the standard collective nouns for crocodiles are:a float of crocodilesa bask of crocodilesa congregation of crocodilesa nest of crocodiles

What is ordinary glass?

normal float glass screen is made of a number of glass sheets which can be standard.

Will turquoise float on water?

Turquoise is a hydrous phosphate of aluminum and copper. It is valuable as an ornamental gem. It is more dense than standard water, and so will not float on it under normal conditions.

How much is a float for a miniature ponies?

Well by float do you mean dental float or float as in a horse trailer? If you mean dental then you should expect to pay $75 or more depending on what needs to be done (This is a US price.) If sedation is required you'll need to bring out a equine vet which will add to the cost. If you mean trailer then the cost will vary based on model, year made, and condition it's in. $ 2,000 would be a bare minimum price for this.

Is there a standard for stilling pipe design?

The internal diameter of stilling tube should allow for 11 mm clearance around float. The lowest end of float should be fitted wit bars to prevent float from slipping away. Venting holes are required for standpipe top.

In c plus plus what is operator overloading?

In C++, operators such as + (plus) and - (minus) are overloaded to work with any combination of primitive types, including integrals and floating point values. The overloads are such that primitives are automatically promoted to the highest resolution. Thus if you add a long and a short, the return value is a long, while adding a float and an int returns a float. However, sometimes it can be useful to overload these operators to cater for other types. For instance, if you have a class or structure that encapsulates a fruit and its price, adding a primitive to a fruit object could return a float that is the sum of the primitive and the fruit's price: struct fruit { std::string name; float price; }; float operator+ (const fruit& o, const float f){ return( o.price + f ); } float operator+ (const float f, const fruit& o){ return( o.price + f ); } int main() { fruit a;"apple"; a.price=0.12; float f = a + 0.02; // call operator overload assert( f 0.15 ); }

Does Mercury float?

No it will not float, iron doesnt float in it. therefore it will not float.

Do clothes float or sink?

it will float as long as it is not fully covered water.

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