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Does the priory of scion really exist?

yes it may exist as it is a secret society there are many claims that they do exist!

What is Woodside Priory School's motto?

Woodside Priory School's motto is 'Priory'.

In religion what is the definition of a 'priory'?

A priory is defined as a religious house that is governed by either a prior or a prioress. An example of a priory would be a monastery of monks or nuns.

How many students are in the Priory school?

In Dorking Priory there are 859 students I don't know about Reigate Priory

When was Ickleton Priory created?

Ickleton Priory was created in 1190.

When did Stoneley Priory end?

Stoneley Priory ended in 1536.

When was Stoneley Priory created?

Stoneley Priory was created in 1080.

When did Cornworthy Priory end?

Cornworthy Priory ended in 1536.

When was Sandleford Priory created?

Sandleford Priory was created in 1193.

When was Beauly Priory created?

Beauly Priory was created in 1510.

When was Sheen Priory created?

Sheen Priory was created in 1414.

When was Ballybeg Priory created?

Ballybeg Priory was created in 1229.

When did Taunton Priory end?

Taunton Priory ended in 1539.

When was Rinchnach Priory created?

Rinchnach Priory was created in 1011.

When was ร…sebakken Priory created?

Åsebakken Priory was created in 1914.

When was Stiepel Priory created?

Stiepel Priory was created in 1988.

When was Coldingham Priory created?

Coldingham Priory was created in 1139.

When was Merton Priory created?

Merton Priory was created in 1114.

When did Merton Priory end?

Merton Priory ended in 1538.

When was Kilburn Priory created?

Kilburn Priory was created in 1130.

When was Ankerwycke Priory created?

Ankerwycke Priory was created in 1160.

When was Millbrook Priory created?

Millbrook Priory was created in 1097.

When was Gaussan Priory created?

Gaussan Priory was created in 1984.

When was Cardigan Priory created?

Cardigan Priory was created in 1110.

When did Cardigan Priory end?

Cardigan Priory ended in 1538.