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Effects on the tourist or the toured?

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Q: What is the Psychological effects of tourism on people?
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What are the psychological effect of tourism in to the people?

psycological effect of tourism to people

What are the positive effects of tourism in a country?

The positive effects of tourism in a country are more money, people know some of the country, and more variety of people visiting the country.

What is the effects of tourism in the Caribbean?

list some effects of tourism on the Caribbean

Is ASMR a psychological effect?

Yes. The effects of ASMR are psychological. The brain tingling that people feel happens inside the brain.

What are Negative psychological effects of homosexuality in India?

There are no negative psychological effects of homosexuality anywhere.

What are psychological effects of load-shedding?

Psychological effects of load shedding is that its has severe effects on society. Specifically on students.

What are the social effects of tourism in antarctica?

The social effects of tourism are that the natives are constantly being disturbed because of such world wide tourism.

What has the author Noriko Tokunaga written?

Noriko Tokunaga has written: 'Holiday arrangements and tourist experiences' -- subject(s): Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Tourism, Tourism, Tourists

What has the author Ottmar Braun written?

Ottmar Braun has written: 'Vom Alltagsstress zur Urlaubszufriedenheit' -- subject(s): Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Tourism, Psychology, Tourism, Travelers

What is the causes of psychological effects on people?

Not sleeping well is usually 85 percent of the problem.

Positive and negative effects of tourism?

I think there are only positive affects of tourism people get to learn about differeent cultures and it spreads wealth to smaller countries. So it is better for everyone for tourism.

What are the negative effects of tourism?

While tourism brings in revenue to a location, it can also have negative effects. Tourism may cause excessive pollution, littering, and overcrowding.

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